Mountain High Credit Union 10% CD – Utah

It’s not often that you come across guaranteed 10% interest deals from banks, so when I do it certainly catches my attention.

As I was surfing the Internet I came across The Daily Herald in Utah that had placed the Associated Press Gift Card Article which quotes me on their site. As luck would have it, the advertisement happened to be for a 12 month CD that Mountain High Federal Credit Union is offering with a 10% Interest Rate. I clicked on the image thinking it would take me to the bank’s website and more information about the offer, but it only took me to the newspaper’s advertising page. When I backspaced to the article, the ad was gone (they rotate) and I spent the next 10 minutes refreshing until I came across the advertisement again.

Mountain high federal credit union 10 percent cd ad
Mountain High 10% CD Advertisement

I went to the Mountain High’s website, but couldn’t find anything there about the 10% CD. I emailed them and received a response that I needed to call the local credit unions directly about the offer. While I would have normally called to get more details, since I’m in Japan I passed on doing that this time. For those that are interested in learning more, you can call one of the following branches in Utah:

Lehi (801) 768-3312
Provo (801) 377-3647
Spanish Fork (801) 798-1423
Payson (801) 465-9898
Nephi (435) 623-2322
Eureka (435) 433-2008

As you can see from the advertisement, the credit union is offering a 10% return on a 12 month CD with a $1000 maximum investment.

UPDATED information posted at Saving Advice (thanks jmjj215)

I gave ’em a ring. You’re required to open savings account, minimum of $25, and a checking account with direct deposit. Both accounts must stay active during the term of the CD (1 year).

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  1. thc says:

    I’m sure it’s generating lots of interest, especially locally but it’s waaay too much trouble just to get a CD with a $1,000 max. Interesting post, nonetheless.

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