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I received my first advertiser for this site and have placed them under “Supporting Sites” – and they came through LinkWorth. We have used their services quite successfully for about a year now and we receive several hundred dollars a month from them for advertising we would not otherwise have. If you’re looking for another stream of income besides adsense and Chitika eMiniMalls, this program can compliment them quite well.

I’m surprised at how quickly I was able to get one as I wasn’t sure what the reaction to journals such as this one would be. I only listed this site in my account there a couple of weeks ago and had heard that journals had a more difficult time attracting sponsors. I think having the site updated almost daily along with a standard domain helped a lot.

Since this site is only a few months old, I placed the price for the ad at $24.95 – linkworth takes a 30% cut meaning that I will get approximately $17.50 a month for it. Not fantastic, but certainly not terrible. If I can get another 5 like it, it gives me a base of $100 coming in not counting any revenue from adsense or Chitika eMiniMalls. I’m not sure if this first supporter was good luck or the start of a trend for this site (hope, hope), but either way is was worth placing the site into the LinkWorth system even for this one supporter (note: I do get a small referral bonus if you sign up through my link, but would recommend them even without it). If you have any questions about the program, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer it.

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5 Responses to Supporting Sites

  1. ~Dawn says:

    Which do you think is better preferred or basic partner ?

  2. pfadvice says:

    Thanks for the comment…what exactly will you be putting under the heading? If it is a site that is paying to be on your site, “preferred” or “featured” I think let your users know that it’s a site that is paying rather than the basic partner which usually means a link trade. In the end, however, I would go with whatever you like best and you think will have the least confusion with your visitors

  3. genedavis says:

    So have you been paid by this company and how long have you used them?

  4. pfadvice says:

    We signed up about a year ago and they have paid every month without a hitch. To tell the truth, it was much easier to get ads in the beginning. I think we signed up when there were about 500 in their system, and they have grown to 5000. With that many sites vying for advertisers attention, you have to provide something that the advertiser really wants (and hope they find you). At one point we were receiving about $800 a month from them, but prices have fallen with an increased number of sites competing for the ad dollars

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