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To tell the truth, I’ve never really been into the whole freebie scene even though my site has one of the most active freebie areas on the Internet. The main reason being that a lot of them just aren’t worth the time to fill out all the information (even with an automatic info filler) to get a small sample. The two exceptions to this are the free gift cards and bank promotions. These usually put the equivalent of hard cash into my savings so they are worth the effort for me.

Bank offers I look at as extra interest for opening an account. If a bank is willing to give me an iPod shuffle for opening an account, I will take the worth (I can resell it for a minimum of $75 on ebay) and add that to the interest they are offering to see if it makes sense to open the account. You always have to read the fine print and look for the hidden fees, but it’s surprising the number that end up being worth the effort.

Gift cards are a bit more difficult to get. Many are given for short surveys and these usually last less than 24 hours after being posted due to high demand. You have to be quick to take advantage of them, but if you are, they can add to your bottom line. Since I’m in Japan, I do them for my mom and she’s received over $100 in gift cards over the past month. Others are given away as promotions, but even these don’t usually last very long.

If you’ve never tried this before because you didn’t think it was worth the time, this one may be. I can’t confirm it since I’m not in the US, but it comes from a reliable source. Best of all, it hasn’t been placed in the freebie area, so you have a good chance of getting it if you act quickly. Here are the details

$50 American Express Gift Card Mercury Milan Test Drive

Get this by requesting a brochure snail mail from the Milan site. Click “request brochure”, not “test drive”. Fill in your info and select you are considering a new car in under 3 months. Be sure to request the Milan brochure if there is a choice.

The form takes less than 5 minutes to fill out as described above and you could get a coupon for a $50 gift card just fro test driving the car. These are the ones that I always try to take advantage of since it’s basically free money.

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