Google Book Rental ???

There is a report in the Sunday Wall Street Journal that Google may be thinking about online book rentals. The proposed for a one week rental of a book online would be 10% of the book’s list price.

While this isn’t as cheap as going to the library, for someone like me living in Japan it would be a godsend. One of the things I miss most about living here is not having access to good books without them costing a small fortune. While reading a book on a computer isn’t as enjoyable as sitting down in a comfy chair to do the same, something would be better than nothing.

How it would be embraced by consumers that have access to a variety of inexpensive alternatives including the


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3 Responses to Google Book Rental ???

  1. ~dawn says:

    I think it’s a silly idea
    The only people who might like are those who need immediate gratification and don’t want to wait their turn at the library.

    Oh, Rural people mike like it…. really, really rural people

  2. Jay's Financial Blog says:

    humm… that is interesting — seems like google is getting themselves in pretty much everything eh? My friend Russell today told me that Google just launched some sort of web stats service — the funny thing is I recently set my homepage back to Yahoo! — I find I am actually able to find better sites with Yahoo! lately.

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