Gift Cards II

I wrote last week about an Associated Press article that quoted me about Gift Cards and the holiday season. I have mixed feeling about the results of the article.

First, I’ll take any free publicity that I can get so in that sense it was a winner from day one. Somehow I imagined that it being an AP article, it was going to be picked up by dozens of news outlets at the very least. That has not been the case and where the disappointment arises from. There have been a total of 4 places where I’ve been able to find the article – 2 ran it with the site’s URL in the article, but not directly linked to the site while the other two gave direct links.

Member sign-ups at the site have been slightly higher than usual, but nothing significant that I could attribute directly to the articles although I’m sure they sent a few our way. I’ll continue to leave my name out there and hopefully get the chance to comment for more articles in the future.

Here are the 4 places I found:

2 thoughts on “Gift Cards II

  1. Hey, that’s great!
    I was the same way with a reuters article.
    However, you never know who is reading, just keep your name out there and they will notice.

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