Re-gifting & Giving Cash

It seems that according to a Discover Card survey, most (57%) Americans are “horrified” about the idea of re-gifting: taking an gift that you’ve been given and re-wrapping it and giving it as a gift to another person. While I can understand that re-gifting may not seem proper to some, the survey also says that “almost half of Americans never return a gift.” If person receives a gift that they aren’t using and they don’t return or re-gift it, then I assume that it’s sitting in a closet gathering dust which is basically a waste of money. There still are other alternatives: selling it on an online auction, giving it to charity for the tax deducti


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  1. swarovski says:

    I was told a neat story a while back that falls into the re gifting category. A Grandmother used to receive sugar almonds as a gift every year from a relative for which she would thankfully send them a fruit cake in return a few weeks later.. A number of ears later they found out that because she hadn’t got any teeth she would suck the sugar off the almonds the use then in the thank you cake she baked. Neat way to recycle gifts don’t you think 😉

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