Motherhood Job Penalty

An interesting article over at that for the first time shows research that indicates moms (compared with childless women and men) are less likely to get hired and if hired, are likely to make less money. The study was presented by two Cornell University sociologists, Shelley J. Correll and Stephen Benard, who presented a paper called “Getting a Job: Is There a Motherhood Penalty?” at an American Sociological Society meeting in Philadelphia in August

Correll, an associate professor of sociology, and Benard, a graduate student, conducted an experiment wherein 84 men and 108 women Cornell undergraduates were asked to evaluate several female candidates for the same mid-l


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  1. mmb says:

    I want to feel bad about this but I am afraid I don’t. I do think hiring decisions and compensation packages should be based on experience, skill and attitude but at the same time we have to take potential productivity loss into account. The people with kids in my office are out early at least once or twice a week if not more for kid’s soccer game or play or doctor’s appointment or something. There’s always something and who do you think gets to pick up the extra work they leave behind? Their single and childless coworkers. I guess that’s the Singlehood Penalty no one really talks about because it is not that politically correct but all my single and childless friends work much longer hours than my married friends with kids. If you take lost minutes into account you’ll probably see that there isn’t that much of a discrepancy in salaries.

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