Hackers Going After Investment Accounts

Business Week is reporting that hackers are going after home computers searching for online investment accounts and emptying them out when found. They are targeting people’s home computers because they are much less secure and most contain (84% as reported by the magazine) sensitive information needed to access the online brokerage accounts:

Business Week reports that $20 million has been stolen from online brokerages in the last 12 months and the problem is only expected to grow. There is $1.7 trillion worth of assets currently sitting in online brokerage accounts making it a worthwhile pursuit of hackers.

If you keep sensitive material on your computer, you want to take basic safegua


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One Response to Hackers Going After Investment Accounts

  1. Claire says:

    Hmm…I keep lists of passwords in several places, but they’re all in code.

    Perhaps I’m fooling myself that my code is that tricky.

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