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Personal Finance Net Worth Ranking

I’ll be combining this into a single post with Personal Finance Net Worth in future months, but had a request to rank the list from top to bottom and will do so here this time. This really doesn’t mean anything as all the these people are in totally different positions and not competing against each other in any way, shape or form, so it’s more of a fun ranking for bragging rights more than anything else.

Rank Site Net Worth
1 NYCMoney $684,000.00
2 Boston Gal’s Open Wallet $355,799.35
3 PFBlog $353,676.00
4 My Open Wallet $244,664.51
5 2 Million $194,868.05
6 Clutter 2 Cash $185,212.00
7 MMB’s Personal Finance Journal $180.198.72
8 Neo’s Nest Egg $154, 556.00
9 Personal Finance Exchange $128,293.11
10 Capital Ideas $123,542.00
11 My Money Blog $84,530.00
12 Debt Free $65,418.00
13 New Age PF $63,162.57
14 Consumerism Commentary $36,241.76
15 Alpha Guy $29,051.00
16 Single Guy Money $19,802.02
17 Million Dollar Goal $18,777.47
18 Personal Finance Progress $11,231.00
19 Financial Baby Steps $2,318.51

6 thoughts on “Personal Finance Net Worth Ranking

  1. Don’t know any more about her than what is written on her about me page. She isn’t a regular in the personal finance circles that I know about, but does keep her blog updated on a fairly consistent basis.

  2. Please add me to the list. Thanks by the way. Your previous Net Worth list got me started on others blogs.

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