Google Adsense Referral Program

Google has started two new referral programs. One is for their for their adsense textads which will pay $100 to you when anyone signs up with your referral when the person who signs up generates $100 in adsense revenue. In other words, when the person receives his or her first check from adsense, you also get $100 bonus.

Adsense has been one of the most consistent money earners for our main website and has made the effort of growing it well worthwhile. Anyone who has a blog or website (no matter how small) can earn a bit of extra money with adsense and if you put the time and effort into growing your site, adsense can generate a substantial income over time.

The other program is in conjunction with firefox web browser. If you are tired of virus attacks and pop-ups, you should seriously consider switching to firefox for your web browsing. Both Nate and I did early on and have continued to use it ever since. It’s quick, reliable and easy to use. The program pays $1.00 for every sign-up you generate that goes into your adsense account:

These are two new ways that can help generate some extra money if you’re already using adsense.

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