Lost Bet: The $235 Strange Food Dinner

Warning: If you’re a vegetarian or squeamish about food, you’ll probably want to skip this post.

It’s never a good idea to make bets in a drunken stupor – financially or otherwise – but that is what I did with my friend who’s currently visiting some 15 years ago right after college. In an inebriated state, I was sure he was going to marry a certain woman and made a dinner bet on it. Since he is currently visiting here with his new wife that isn’t the woman I had indicated in the bet, I decided to settle up on the bet.

As mentioned earlier, one of his goals in Japan was to try a wide variety of strange foods while here, so I figured that the dinner th


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12 Responses to Lost Bet: The $235 Strange Food Dinner

  1. Caitlin says:

    Sounds like a great time. The food is so beautifully presented (of course) though many of these dishes are beyong my personal “ick” tolerance I would definitely branch out and try about half just for the experience. But probably not snail bowels 😉

  2. SMB says:

    Wow, you folks are adventurous. I’ll try any vegetable, but when it comes to animal foods I’m much less bold. I think I would have gone hungry during this particular dinner. I have to agree with Caitlin, though–nice presentation!

  3. Lisa Hallman says:

    I am vegetarian. Why do people eat raw meat? Doesn’t that make you sick? But as for adventurousness, you’ve got 10 on the palate. You’d probably do good on Fear Factor for being able to eat strange things :p I hope you all enjoyed this weird food.

  4. Chrystal Blue says:

    I think its woderful you’re so open to new things. I know I couldn’t have tried half that your wife did. Kudos to her and your friend as well!

  5. Jonathan says:

    I’d eat it,. I’d also note where the nearest emergency room is, but I’d eat it. :)

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  7. Donna says:

    how much was the horse meat platter.

  8. pfadvice says:

    how much was the horse meat platter?

    I don’t remember exactly as it took place a few months ago – probably around $20

  9. mapgirl says:

    I’d try a lot of that stuff, but my oh my. I did get squeamish reading some of the things you ate.

  10. Steve says:

    Aren’t mountain potatoes Bull Testicles? mmmmm.

  11. Matt furey says:

    This food is normal to Japanese people. Ive tried all the food, its fresh and pretty good. Think how British food like Steak and Kidney and Black Pudding (Blood Sausage) might appear “icky” to people from other cultures. It`s not strange food it`s just different.

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