Cheap Sleeps At The Love Hotel

I’m not sure if I should be writing about our major money saving travel within Japan secret or not. I guess I should begin this post with a warning that this isn’t a typical money saving option, but if you happen to be travelling in Japan and find yourself in a city that’s having a festival with all the rooms already booked up or need a relatively inexpensive place to stay for a night, a Japanese “love hotel” may be an affordable option.

A typical Japanese love hotel sign indicating the prices

First, a bit of an explanation about love hotels. These are hotels that can be used by the hour and while some seedy stuff may go on in some, they were basically develope


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5 Responses to Cheap Sleeps At The Love Hotel

  1. Cap says:

    lol. oh my.

    I keep reading about them, seeing them in anime, manga, etc. and now I finally see real pics of those room selecting picture displays! thanks!

    I’m guessing its not embarrassing since you guys are married (or just dont care) but I heard from my friend that he bumped into acquintances at those love motel streets and they were super embarrassed.

  2. pfadvice says:

    I guess it was a bit embarrassing at first, but now it’s a way that we can travel more for less money. Since we only use them when traveling to other cities, there is no danger of running into any of our acquaintances. Being married, I think it takes a lot of the embarrassment away too. Glad I could finally show you a real photo 😉

  3. Caitlin says:

    neat idea….and I’m loving all the pics :)

  4. budget bitch says:


    Wow, I just stumbled upon this site in connection with my personal finance blog, but this brings back a lot of memories. I lived in Japan for 4 years and I have indeed been to a love hotel or two (thought I wasn’t exactly using them for money-saving purposes). My most memorable love hotel experience was when I was at an after hours club at around 7 am and six of us wanted to get a room for a few hours just to chill out. We were right in the seedy part of Shinjuku where they have all the hotels, so we sent one guy to the little “anonymous” booth to get a room, then once he’d gotten the room the other 5 of us met him in the elevator and went up. Not long after we got in we got a call from the downstairs lobby saying that we weren’t allowed to have six people in the room. For all they say about protecting privacy and all, they had a camera in the hallway that could see us going in!

  5. me says:

    i gave a lot of blue eyes out in love hotels can i be held laiable

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