$200 Mushrooms

As I mentioned before, prices in Japan can be expensive. We went for an excursion in the Japanese countryside and came across a bunch of Matsutake mushrooms for sale.

matsutake mushrooms
$200 mushrooms

While I must admit that these mushrooms do taste good ( I had a chance to taste them a number of years back at a friend’s house), I have a hard time imagining paying $200 for a small basket of them. Then again, there were a lot of people buying them.

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4 Responses to $200 Mushrooms

  1. ~dawn says:

    Blechy blechy blechy! I wouldn’t pay 2/10ths of a penny for ‘shrooms. If you want me to eat them, you have to hide them in stuff or I pick them out.

  2. Lisa says:

    Are they supposed to have some sort of special properties. I mean nothing tastes that good to pay $200 you have to think it was some sort of magical potion.

  3. pfadvice says:

    Nope, they aren’t any type of “magic mushroom” or have special properties. Like truffles, they are hard to cultivate and the wild ones (which these are) are much tastier than those grown for sale. It’s simply a supply and demand situation.

  4. Surely that cant be $200 for mushrooms there must be some mistake there. If its true then I’m going to start exporting mushrooms to Japan.

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