One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure

It was one of the big trash days out here a couple of days ago. Now when people throw things away, one would assume that they are throwing away things that are no longer working, but that certainly is not the case in Japan. My theory of why so many perfectly good items get thrown away is because there is so much limited space in the homes. That means if something new is purchased, something is thrown out to make room for it even if it’s still in great shape. So I scored myself a perfectly good CD player:

CD player

I probably would have thought the CD player was broken, but happened to be putting out some of my own trash at the same time the person throwing away the CD player was placing it onto the pile. We struck up a conversation and he explained that he just got a new Mini Disk player so no longer needed the CD although it was still in working condition. So I took the CD player off the trash pile and am currently listening to music on it as I write this post.

CD player at new home

I have never gotten into “Dumpster Diving,” but if I were to do so, Japan would definitely be the place to do it.

4 thoughts on “One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure

  1. yep…and since my wife makes about $40,000 a year selling Hello Kitty from Japan to peopel in the US and Europe through eBay, I no longer complain about it 😉

  2. Hehehehe! Excellent!
    I scored a second hand midi hifi system in the same way – someone was putting it in the dump because he had got a bigger one – so I politely asked for it and he put it in the back of my car 🙂
    No shame in asking!

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