How To Be Poor

I ran across this site called How To be Poor (and keep all your original teeth – it looks like he has a revolving subtext as I have also seen “Pinch Your Pennies Like A Pro” and “And How to Still Survive”). While it has some good reading, the item on the site that struck my eye was that he’s being quite contrarian the the whole “pixel advertising” fad (if you aren’t sure what that is, this is how it all started) Instead of charging for adverting on his site, he’s giving away free links and paying you a dollar:

Nev Medhora is charging $50 for a teeny pixel ad on his website. I, on the other hand, will give you a dollar to put your ad on this site. Send me your graphic content, and I will send you a dollar via PayPal after posting the content here.

I thought it was original and humorous so I sent in a graphic just to see what would happen and I opened up my mail today to see I had a dollar in my paypal account and a link up on his site.

So is he being financially adept or inept in doing this? I really don’t think he was thinking either way when he decided…he probably just thought it would be funny and did it. At first glance it appears that it’s not a very financially sound strategy to be paying people to place their link on your website. If however, it creates some “buzz” and people mention what he’s doing (just like I’m doing now) it could create a nice stream of traffic to his site for very little cost.

The verdict is still out on whether it will be a good or bad move on his part, but if you want free advertising and a buck to boot, you know where to go.

2 thoughts on “How To Be Poor

  1. Buzz can do amazing things… It can get you new regular readers, someone who likes your site and has connections, who knows- the sky is the limit I would say.

    He may want to put a cap on it, but $50 worth of links and ‘buzz’ may go further than on Nev’s site… hmmm

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