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I’m a huge fan of public transportation, at least here in Japan. No doubt that it is expensive and most Americans would likely have a mini heart attack if they saw the prices, but it’s still a lot less than driving a car and it’s extremely convenient. Even with changes, the public transportation system in Japan is quite an achievement. This all came to mind because of an article on MSN money: How To Ride The Bus

The aspect I like about it most is that it gives me extra time to get things done. Instead of an hour commute in the driver’s seat, I had an hour on the train where I could read the morning paper and catch up on emails. The public transportation makes me a lot more efficient in other areas since it frees up a good portion of my time.

Can this be achieved in the US? Probably not in most places, but big cities could sure to a lot more. If you do have a bus or train system in your area, give it a try. If you can work it into your commute, you’ll save a lot on gas, insurance (you will be able to lower your rates if you no longer commute by car, often significantly) plus have extra time to get work done. As the author writes:

I never once felt my safety threatened, nor did I see any other passengers fall into harm’s way. Buses ran on time, and drivers ran their rigs with a firm but fair hand. And I always got to where I wanted to go, on time (mostly) and in one piece.

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