Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It’s getting down to crunch time on finding that perfect Halloween costume. Since Halloween isn’t really celebrated in Japan, the expatiates usually take over a train car on the Osaka loop line and spend the evening celebrating while going around in circles until we all get kicked off. Part of the challenge is coming up with an original costume that doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune.

If I have some time, I usually go to the Costume Page and browse through their extensive costume idea list. Sometimes that will spark a good idea and I’ll be on my way to a perfect costume. Most of the time, however, I opt for Costume Idea Zone’s Quick & Easy Costume Page. They have a good list of quick and easy costumes that can be thrown together in less than a day and cost virtually nothing. Best of all, many of them tend to be a play on words which makes then great conversation starters since most people will end up asking you what you are. You also can be pretty confident that nobody else will be the same thing as you.

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