American Toilets Are Inferior

I was reading about American Standard and how its stock took a beating over at msnbc when I came across this paragraph:

Furthermore — and I realize this is a strange thing to say — the toilets in most American homes are downright inferior to what you’ll find in the average Japanese home. We’re an advanced society, concerned about cleanliness, but Americans haven’t embraced toilet advances common in Japan, like heated toilet seats, a built-in bidet, or automated toilet seat covers. There’s an outside chance that Americans could seek to catch up with our Japanese friends in the bathroom. That sort of upgrade market would spell good news for American Standard


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5 Responses to American Toilets Are Inferior

  1. makingourway says:


    I actually went shopping to price a bathroom rennovation and found some fairly high end automated toilets available in america.

    They were very expensive.

    Most had a bidet function, but I don’t recall if they had a seat warmer.

    I think they cost $800 or more.

    Making Our Way

    PS How many men in America have ever used a bidet or know what it’s for?

  2. makingourway says:


    One more point. The built in bidet toilets didn’t look very nice or comfortable compared with a regular bidet.

    BTW – where’s the cheapest place to buy bidet parts in the US – Miami – very international city!


  3. My bum could do with one of those seats in the winter. Where can I get information on them?

  4. James says:

    I found that such is true

  5. Jerry J says:

    I don’t know about American toilets but I certainly do know about French ones which can be anything from a hole in the ground (Yes, even in 2008) to “unisex” toilets in town centres.

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