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Chikita eMiniMalls Advertising

For those of you that have an online presence and are looking to earn a little extra money on top of google adsense revenue, you may want to check out Chikita eMiniMalls. Nate and I started using them a couple of weeks ago to compliment adsense (you can see how we placed them in the forums – we also have the placed at the bottom of every page here). This is an area that we wanted to advertise, but had little luck in the past. We put adsense there to begin, but with all the other adsense we already had, it was just too much. We tried some other companies for awhile and they performed miserably. Since placing the eMiniMalls in that area it has generated income on a daily basis and we have been pleasantly surprised at the return.

From what I’ve been reading from others that have been using them, these ads are especially effective if you write about products since the ads are more product based. For example, if you have a site that is about ipods, these would work extremely well. Our site isn’t product based, but it’s still performing well, so I can only imagine if you had a product specific blog or site. Here is an example of what the ads look like:

Because the look is different, they can compliment your current ads without making you site look too over-run by them.

The default code for the eMiniMalls ads are compliant with google adsense terms. The default has preset terms such as “ipod” – “digital camera” and “dell laptop” in the code, but you can change these key words to anything you want for your site to make them more relevant (in the above ad, I replaced the default words with “money” and “wall street journal”).

They are certainly worth a try. They are already a permanent part of our advertising and will likely be expanded as opportunity arises. This is just another helpful step in my goal to make the sites my full time job

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