The Best Investment You Can Make

As I mentioned before, when it comes to investments, saving money is usually the diamond in the rough that nobody recognizes. In fact, saving money is plain and simply the best investment you can make. It is, however, often difficult to convince others of this.

I did a search for “The best investment you can make” and got a return of over 78,000 matches. When I added “saving money” to the search, it dwindled down to 418 matches, and of those returned on the first page, none advocated that “saving money” was the best investment you can make.

While saving money may not be in vogue when it comes to an “investment strategy,” it comes with a numb


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  1. Ginsberg says:

    Excellent post; I’ve recently said the same thing in a post at my site [link]. Increasing your net worth by saving and by investing are two sides of the same coin.

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