If I Had The Power….

Running a website about personal finance and saving money, I get some strange emails from time to time and yesterday was one of those times. I received an email from a person looking for help with her credit report:

…I can’t do anything I want because my credit score is too low. I had to file for bankruptcy and now they won’t give me credit cards unless they are secured. But I can’t afford a to pay for a secured credit card, so I need a regular credit card. But my credit score is bad, so they won’t give me one. I try to explain, but they don’t understand and won’t give me what I want.

I need some help. I tried to make them understand, but couldn̵


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2 Responses to If I Had The Power….

  1. Michael says:

    I get a lot of emails too, but I haven’t had one quite like that. Or not that I can remember, at least.

    Even if you don’t have that sort of gargantuan pull with the credit bureaus, I’m sure there’s a scam artist out there who’s making money off of people by convincing them that something like the above can happen.

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