Saving Just Isn’t Much Fun

This post is inspired by a comment that Clint from Million Dollar Goal left regarding my post on Cinderella Investing. As he states:

I completely agree with you. The problem with learning to save money is that it usually just isn’t much fun. Not to mention that many attempts to save money really don’t save any money at all, proven by your envelope example and the numerous studies that show the people who clip coupons normally spend more money while shopping.

There you have it. Straight and simple. For most people, saving money “just isn’t much fun.” People don’t like it. When they hear the words, all systems shut down from anxiety overexposure and the only


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5 Responses to Saving Just Isn’t Much Fun

  1. Clint says:

    For me, I guess the answer is in the benefits. While finding ways to save money may not be particularly fun, watching my net worth grow IS fun.

    When you realize that the “sacrifice” of saving is usually just giving up something you want in exchange for something better, it’s not such a sacrifice afterall.

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  3. Caitlin says:

    Saving has turned out to be more fun than i expected…and I think mainly due to what Clint mentioned…”saving” becomes a means to watching the networth grow and that IS fun. But every time I save money on something or move money into savings it does feel fun. but I do agree with your points about why it may not be so for most people. They haven’t connected with the choice aspect of it.

    BTW I did fix the link to my spending plan!

  4. Ian says:

    Saving is hard to do with all the financial pressure, but the more you can put away the less yiou have to work and the more your money will work for you.

  5. Jessica says:

    I always try to keep careful track of what I’m spending my money on. I had to work quite hard to get it (I’m a university student on a very tight budget) so I want be damn sure that when I hand it over to someone else, I get something good in return.

    If I give someone $10, I expect something worth it- A few days worth of groceries, a new top or pants that I particularly lie, etc.

    It actually quite annoys me when I find myself handing it over in exchange for a not-very-good take out meal, or a cocktail that I’m not going to like enough to justify the price anyhow (considering vodka and some sort of juice will keep me quite happy).

    I generally see saving as holding on to my money to get an exchange that’s really worth something to me- I love to travel, so I’ll give up 15 lousy take away meals in order to spend a weekend somewhere interesting, or spend an extra night or so overseas on my next trip. For me, it’s always a trade, and always a matter of deciding if its worth handing over my hard earned cash.

    I also freak out less when I have an emergency fund going 😛 Peace of mind is worth a lot!

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