The Cost Of Dogs & Cats

The cost of a pet is something that people rarely consider when they see the puppy or kitten in all their cuteness. Those that do usually calculate the cost of the purchase and maybe consider what food will cost and assume they have a good idea of the cost. Then maybe throw on a few hundred dollars for shots and supplies and think they have a good estimate. Knowing the true cost of a pet may surprise you.

Now I have nothing against owning pets. In fact, I have a dog and three cats. I just think that it is important to fully understand the financial costs you are going to be incurring when you decide to adopt a dog or cat. If more people did, there probably wouldn’t be near the problem


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4 Responses to The Cost Of Dogs & Cats

  1. Neo says:

    Thanks for providing this information. I was a bit off on my original estimates but now that my eyes are open to a more realistic estimate, I am still planning to get my dog. I quickly substituted my estimated costs in the chart and I came up with a number of $24,000 for a 14-year old dog.


  2. Neo says:

    I looked at the chart available at and decided to try to create an interactive form for calculating the cost of owning a dog. Check it out and let me know what you think.


  3. Neo says:

    Let me know if you think of anything else that can be adjusted on the form I created.


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