Have You Made Disastrous Financial Decisions?

Have you made numerous and monstrous financial decisions in the past? Money.com is looking for you if you’re willing to come out in the open with them. They are looking to profile someone “who has made absolutely disastrous financial decisions“. If you fit this description and you are willing to go public, you can email Steve Hargreaves

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3 Responses to Have You Made Disastrous Financial Decisions?

  1. Nicole Huseman says:

    I have thousands of dollars in medical bills, a full-time and part-time job that don’t pay that much, in an area of the country where jobs are few and far between. I am so desperate, I have even looked into grant programs. The only problem is that They have “finders fees”. I don’t want to pay for it unless I know it’s legit. Are they scams? What’s the quickest, fastest way to get out of debt?

  2. pfadvice says:

    There is no simple and fast way to get out of debt and because people are desperate, they are willing to pay fees for things they think will help but end up putting themselves more in debt. I would stay away from anyone who charges a fee before they secure you a grant.

    Your best bet is to visit some of the forums that help teach people to save money. You can post there with your current income and debts and the members will make a lot of suggestions on what you can do to help get yourself out of debt. I hope this helps and good luck.

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