Wireless Internet Connections At Airports

I truly hope that google does set up a free wireless system across the US. There is nothing more frustrating that sitting in an airport with 2 hours to waste and not being able to hook up to the Internet unless I pay $19.95 for a free day of access on the system that happens to be in that airport. This compares to Japan where wifi connections are free almost everywhere I go including at airports.

I might even consider a one day pass if I knew I could use the system for the entire day. The problem is that the provider at one airport isn’t necessarily the provider at another airport. If I sign up for a day pass while waiting to take off, when I reach the airport where I have a layover I may not be able to use the pass I purchased and would have to purchase another one. All in all, it gets frustrating.

The other thing would be if they lowered the one day passes to a more reasonable rate. Most people don’t spend an entire day in the airport – an hour or two at most. If the connection fee was $5 – $10, I would be much more willing to consider purchasing a day. I guess there are enough businessmen that are willing to pay the higher price that makes lowing it not worth it to the companies.

So even though I have my laptop with me, I end up paying a $1 for 15 minutes on the machines in the airport to do some basics on the Internet. Seems kind of crazy with my laptop at my side, but it is a more effective use of my money.

While I’m on this little rant, the other thing that airports need to update is wall outlets where you can plug in a computer. There is a sever lack of them in many airports.

my friend has come up with a solution that I may need to try. If he has a long layover, he heads to a local hotel, sits in their lobby and uses the Internet connection for free. It’s a creative idea, but with all the security checks and clearing customs (on international flights) I still find I have a minimum of an hour or two to waste inside the airport. So here is one person rooting for google and their free wifi service

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