Top Resale Value Cars

With gas prices and the increased cost of driving because of it, you might think that the largest cost for owning your car is gasoline. If you think a bit harder, you might consider finance charges or insurance to be your biggest cost. Another good guess would be repair and maintenance costs. These would all be incorrect. The biggest cost to you owning a car is the depreciation value and it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars compared to other similar models if you purchase the wrong one.

Resale value isn’t usually what’s on the top of your mind when you purchase a car, but considering how much it can potentially cost you, it probably should be. While you are far better of


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  1. Randy Roeder says:

    The San Francisco Bay Area is saturated with used BMWs for sale. Is there another market that is not that far away (like Reno or LA) where it is easier selling a used BMW? I am trying to sell my 1999 528i, to make way for the new one I just bought in Munich.


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