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There are more and more quality personal finance blogs out there. Here is a list of other personal finance blogs on the Internet. If you have a personal finance blog and want to be added to this list, please email me so that I can add you.

The Alpha Guy: One guy’s life about graduating college, financial advice, and other ramblings.

Bank Deals: Online banking has created great opportunities to get higher savings rates and better deals. Information and articles on issues related to online and personal banking.

Canadian Financial Stuff: My essays and points of view and opinions on things to do for Home Finances.

Capital Ideas: A 23 year old cubicle dweller dreams of financial independence, and some fun along the way.

Chief Family Officer: Find tips on food, finances and fulfillment.

Chrees’ World: Notes on the goals, experiences, and results of a 44 year-old recovering accountant. Personal finance is the focus, but expect lots of diversions.

Clutter 2 Cash: Charting my progress and sharing experiences as I try to go from clutter queen to cash-tastic and enjoy an early retirement.

Consumerism Commentary: Striving for personal financial security.

Everybody Loves Your Money : Don’t give it to them!!

Financial Baby Steps: The personal financial blog of a baby and the baby steps she’s taking to be financially secure for the rest of her life.

Financial Freedom 4 All: Helping people reduce debt and make wise investments for their future.

Five Cent Nickel: “There are plenty of good five-cent cigars in the country. The trouble is they cost a quarter. What this country needs is a good five-cent nickel.” – Franklin P. Adams

Frugal For Life: Helping people live below their means (LBYM) one day at a time. Experience life, by living a simple, frugal life!

Growing Money: Smart money management and investments. Discussions of efficient ways of saving money and great ideas and strategies for investments.

It’s Your Money: Money Musings: Thoughts on my personal finances, goals, experiences, motivations, and accomplishments (or lack thereof).

Mighty Bargain Hunter: Finance, saving, spending, and bargains

Million Dollar Goal: Tracking our quest for a million dollar net worth.

Mr. Thrifty: Your guide to thrifty living. Articles and tips on how to save money on phone service, mortgages and getting the most out of your Bed Bath and Beyond coupon.

My Open Wallet: An anonymous New Yorker tells the world how much money she makes and what she spends it on. And how much of it she saves.

No Credit Needed: No credit needed blog.

Retire Young and Wealthy: My personal description of how I plan to retire young and wealthy through property investing in Australia and New Zealand and through internet marketing.

Scott On Money: There is so much advice that is given by so called experts on financial matters that is, well, garbage. I’ll share my experiences and thoughts here to hopefully give your financial goals a boost.

Seattle Simplicity: A 30-something Seattle girl’s quest to maximize net worth through frugal living and simplicity

Simplify My Life: Simply a journal of my personal finance transactions.

Single Guy And His Money: I’m a 28 yr old single male trying to manage my finances and hopefully retire young enough to enjoy it.

Sitting Pretty: Straight Financial Advice from a Well-Heeled Lesbian

Stop Buying Crap: Yet Another Personal Finance Blog

weissblog: These are my random thoughts and ideas. The only central theme here is my life, so there will be posts and articles about religion, law enforcement, finance and all sorts of interesting things (well, interesting to me anyways) Why? Well, it’s my blog.


All Things Financial: A personal finance blog dedicated discussing such topics as budgeting, asset allocation, 401K, IRA, cash flow, insurance, and other areas in personal finance.

Blueprint For Financial Prosperity: …your helpful guide to financial security and independence.

Budgeting Babe: A Web site dedicated to all the young, working women who want to spend like Carrie in a Jimmy Choo store but have a budget closer to Roseanne – this is my catharsis after leaving the store empty-handed.

Fat Kitty: Making the move from poverty to prosperity

Financial Maturity & other money blabs: For those who like improving their money situation and the idea of Financial Maturity

Financial Reference: Personal finance blog

Happy Capitalist: Life is a series of choices

I Just Want To Be Rich: Chronicles of a mid 20s Bostonian trying to hit the big time.

Kate Spills The Beans: A personal finance blog.

Let’s Make Cents: Personal finance, wealth building, debt relief, goal setting, money management, investing, and anything else I find interesting….

Momma & The Boys On A Budget: Penny pincher work at home momma to 3 boys enjoying watching bargains and giving ideas on how to stretch those dollars.

My Money Blog: My Path to Financial Freedom. Goals: $100,000 non-retirement by mid-2007, $1,000,000 net worth by age 45.

New Age Personal Finance: Personal Finance for the New Age.

Savvy Saver: Personal prosperity depends not on how much money you make, but on how much money you keep. This personal finance blog is dedicated to making smart money decisions, living below your means, and increasing personal wealth.

Sharp Money: Making, Investing, Saving, Spending

Sound Money Tips: One quick personal finance tip every day. Credit cards, banking, investing, insurance, mortgages, frugal living & online shopping. From Seeking Alpha.

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  1. There is so much advice that is given by so called experts on financial matters that is, well, garbage. I

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