High Fruit & Vegetable Prices

One of the most difficult aspects of budgeting in Japan is getting fruits and vegetables into my diet. It’s not that they aren’t available, just that they are outrageously expensive. The last time I went to the grocery store a took a few photos for example. For reference, $1.00 = about 110 yen

$20 melon

As you can see in the above photo, the melon for sale is priced at 1980 yen which makes it a $17.75 piece of fruit.

The above bunch of grapes runs 684 yen or just under $6.25. As you can see, the skin of the grapes has a whitish residue on them. Japanese don’t eat grape skins…they peel their grapes which was something totally foreign to me when I first came here…

$1 celery stick

The abo


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2 Responses to High Fruit & Vegetable Prices

  1. Kayaker says:

    I imagine produce prices are high in Japan because they lack the agricultural land and climate to grow these in their own backyards. Thank God for California!

  2. makingourway says:


    That’s amazingly expensive.
    This sounds crazy, but can you grow your own? Maybe there are alternative viatmin sources that are cheaper – if not vegetables and fruits, something else?

    Making Our Way

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