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I don’t think there has been an article I’ve written in the past that has produced more mail from readers than Get Paid To Drive. There seems to be a fascination that one could be paid to drive their car around and I still receive a couple of emails a week from people wanting know how they can sign up for these programs.

For those unfamiliar, the “get paid to drive” concept came to popularity during the late 1990s. Roadside advertising was sold to near capacity leaving the many companies that wanted to advertise their service or product to those driving in their cars without a place to do so.

One solution to this advertising shortage was addressed with car wraps. Basically, the advertiser would wrap their advertisement around a car (instead of on a billboard) for everyone to see. This way companies could advertise their products or services to reach people driving along the roads in areas where they couldn’t get advertising space on billboards.

To get their products and services advertised, these companies were willing to pay people to have their personal cars wrapped in the advertisement and pay them simply for driving as they normally did. The facts are that the industry has changed dramatically since its heyday and finding a job as a paid to drive driver is practically impossible unless you have an inside track of some kind these days.

For those still determined to pursue, I would advise skipping the Internet completely and going directly to any company that offers car wraps. 99% of the car wrap sites on the Internet are scams – most purporting to get you on a list if you pay a fee. The whole concept of the get paid to drive advertising venue was that you got paid, not that you have to pay. Any legit pay to drive company won’t charge for you to sign up (if they are accepting sign-ups)

You can get some further basic information on these programs at Paid To Drive Auto Wrap

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  1. Rhonda Shirrel says:

    i drive daily…would love to ne paid for drivimg.

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