Driving & Money

I am back from my short trip to the US and I had a few observations on my travels. With gas prices as high as they are, I guess I would expect people to slow down a bit to save on gas. Slowing down saves a lot of gas – that was the original reason that the speed limit was reduced to 55 mph – it was the result of the energy crisis in the late 1970s to help conserve fuel. You use about 20% more gas driving at 70 mph instead of 55 mph.

Even though most of us know this, it doesn’t appear that many people are using this information. Whether is is that it’s hard to equate driving slower with saving money while on the highway when you want to get to your destination as quickly as possible or something else, people were definitely not driving slow on my way to the airport. i was driving between 65 mph and 70 mph (which goes to show that I to need to work on this area a bit more) and I was still passed by 4 cars for every one I passed (it was early morning and their weren’t a lot of cars on the road – I don’t know how much this skewed my observations – I passed 23 card and was passed by 93).

It goes to show that we like to complain about high gas prices, but when it come to making some changes in our habits to lessen the effect of the high prices, there still are a lot of us out there that aren’t willing to do so.

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