B of A’s New “Keep The Change” Program

Bank of America will be coming out with a new program later this month called Keep the Change. Basically what they have done is set up a “change jar” for you without ever having any coins since it’s all done through debit card transactions.

Once you sign up for a checking and savings account with Bank of America and sign up for their Keep the Change program, every purchase you make will be rounded up to the nearest dollar with the “change” automatically being transferred into your savings account. So when you buy a newspaper for $1.25 with your debit card, you’d be charged $2.00 with $1.25 going to pay for the newspaper and $0.75 being placed into your sav


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2 Responses to B of A’s New “Keep The Change” Program

  1. nolds says:

    what if you return your purchase? what happens with the bofa matching price?

  2. pfadvice says:

    You will not get credit for them. From the Terms of Service:

    You will not receive the matching funds for: a) credits or other adjustments related to POS purchases, such as those for purchases that are cancelled or returned; b) purchases of cash-like items, such as money orders, traveler’s checks, foreign currency, cashier’s checks, gaming chips, and other similar instruments and things of value; c) Account funding transactions including transfers to open or fund deposit, escrow, or brokerage accounts and purchases of stored value cards.We may terminate the matching promotion at any time without notice.

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