The Savings

I received several questions about the $200 budget item towards savings that I listed in my last post.    The answer is a bit complicated.   We currently have have several savings accounts that are for irregular expenses...with the idea that we could also use those accounts as an emergency fund in a true emergency.   These funds are currently auto-drafted into the savings accounts every pay [...]

Christmas on a Shoestring Budget

Today we leave to stay at my grandmother's in Georgia for a month.  I cannot wait! I get to sleep in a bed, have heat day and night and have indoor plumbing (have to go over to the trailer to use the bathroom where we are at now.)  It is going to be joyous.  These are things I will never take for granted again! I have less income now than I've had all year with the cut in the twins' adoption [...]

The Budget

I have to apologize for not getting this post up sooner, we had a stomach bug ravage the house, and I have been behind ever since! I have told you about our debt here and now it's time to reveal our budget!  Honestly, I really don't know how doable this budget is.  I know that we typically eat out a ton, but I am planning to cut that out completely for budget and health reasons.   I also ha [...]

Ashleys November 2016 Debt Update

Another month is over - time for another debt update! November was a good month! In some regards it was pretty pricey (hello, new house!!!), but in other ways we were able to be thrifty and save. In the end, we had a decent debt-payment in November and are expecting an even BIGGER one in December! Our first mortgage payment isn't due until January and rather than let the "extra" money float awa [...]

Different Priorities

Hello BAD community, thank you for your inquiries.  I thought I would pop in and share a quick update. Debt My sole debt at this point are my $32K-ish student loans which are in Income Based Repayment requiring $0 per month. Income I am still on the hunt for work, chasing any and all leads.  It's been very frustrating and I can't explain why this has been such a challenge.  It's bee [...]

The Debt

(*Update*  I just updated this post with a few more exact balances and interest rates) First off, I want to thank everyone for the warm welcomes that they have given me! I really do appreciate having someone in my corner cheering me on! It's time for the nitty gritty details of our debt and I can honestly say that I am embarrassed about admitting how much debt we have, however, I am even mo [...]

My Loan Request Was DENIED!!!

First thing's first. Welcome, Amy! I'm so excited to have another blogger up in the mix! I was a reader long before I was a contributor here so I'm super pumped to be able to follow another blogger on their debt journey! Yay!!! I can't wait to get to "know" Amy as we share this debt-reduction journey together! (Side Note:  I've also seen many people ask about Hope in recent comments. I don't h [...]

Hello there!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone! My name is Amy and I am joining the bloggers here in the BAD community! I am so looking forward to the support that this community offers, and hope that we can encourage and inspire each other! My relationship with money really began in my childhood. I grew up in a family where money was always an issue. I remember being in elementary school and being af [...]

Student Loan Refinance

I'm sure I sound like a total flake after just saying (in my most recent post) that I likely would NOT be refinancing all of my student loans at this time....but now I'm leaning the other way again. Here's the deal - Navient just won't get their act together and stop pissing me off! It's just such a terrible company to do business with. I hate them so much I'm really considering giving up my in [...]

We Bought A House!!!!!

We did it! After endless back-and-forth negotiations, a variety of snags and snafus, and having to change our closing date not once but TWICE, we are officially home owners! YAY!!!!!   [caption id="attachment_11581" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Image source. Note - this is an image that came up in a search of "Arizona houses." This is NOT our house. As I said before, I won't be [...]

Talking about debt

This past weekend I took the girls to one of their friends' birthday parties. I was hanging out chatting with the other moms when I mentioned my husband heading back to school and the crazy discount we receive ($25 per class!!!). It's practically free!! One of the mom's lamented, "Must be nice, I still have 20 years left on my student loans!" Another mom chimed in, "I just applied for public [...]

7 Ways to Find Money for College

Students do not have to stay at home simply because they do not have money to cater for their tuition fees and other college expenses. Given the cost of schooling at colleges, it worth trying some of the easy and available ways of getting free money. With the advancement in technology, students have a broad variety of sources to get funds and grants necessary for continuous learning. Below are [...]

The Biggest Mistake in Debt Reduction

I'm finally debt free and in the process of becoming debt free, I read a lot of articles on how to do it. While most of these give good advice, they often leave out the most important part that, I have found, will actually make or break your debt reduction journey. I have no idea why most articles don't talk about this, but my guess is because it's different for every individual which makes it [...]

Cell Phones and Accidents

Did you know that we now have the technology to disable cell phones while you are driving? This can prevent a lot of texting-related accidents. Some states have laws in place that prohibit the use of any type of handheld device while you are operating a vehicle. This means that texting, talking on the phone and surfing the net are all banned. It can be difficult to prove definitively that the [...]

A Brief History of Spread Betting

Spread betting can be regarded as the derivatives product which allows you to trade on the movement of the price of a wide array of financial markets including shares, commodities, currencies, indices, and much more. The spread bets can be used for speculating on the price movements irrespective of the fact that whether the actual market is rising or falling. Today, here are a lot of well-known pl [...]

Ashley's October 2016 Debt Update

I hope you're all having a good week! Our kids are out of school Wed - Fri this week so my mom flew out to help with childcare (since hubs and I both have to work still), so it's been a lot of fun to visit together and it's always great when Mom visits! For instance, my freezer is now full of homemade freezer meals that we can quickly and easily heat up on our busy weeknights! I'm not even goi [...]

Hurry Up & Wait

My experience with home-buying thus far can be summed up as follows:  hurry up & wait. There have been a handful of times when I've received middle-of-the-day calls from the loan company like, "hey, we need X, Y, Z documents RIGHT NOW or else the world is going to explode!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Okay, okay, maybe a bit of hyperbole there. But that's how it's felt. Like hair-on-fire emer [...]

The Green Eyed Gimmies

Has anyone read the classic Bernstein Bears book (or seen the associated cartoon) about the Green Eyed Gimmies? It's really a lesson for children about how they should be happy with what they have and not always be looking for something new/keeping up with the Jones', etc. But it's hard not to make those social comparisons, you know? It's a natural human thing to look at our neighbors and fe [...]

Grin and Bear It!

Hi all! I hope your weeks are off to a nice start! It's still stifling hot here in Tucson (mid 90's over the weekend), but we've been packing in lots of fun fall activities! This weekend we went to a pumpkin patch and the kids had an absolute blast! As they get older it's so fun to really celebrate and enjoy the holidays together! Today I just wanted to give you the latest on my Navient grie [...]

Ashley's September 2016 Debt Update

Better late than never, right? After I realized I'd missed our extra student loan payment, I initiated it on October 1st (a Saturday). It showed "pending" in Navient's system for several days and didn't actually show up as being applied until Wednesday. I don't like posting on Wednesday (I like to leave it for Hope), so here we are with our SEPTEMBER debt update nearly a full week into the mont [...]