Warning:  This is a super long post. I've put a lot of thought into it and although I realize it isn't directly debt-related, I think its highly relevant, as it discusses the importance of finding balance between work and the rest of life, broadly defined. Time is finite, so extending hours in one area necessarily means cutting back in another. This has a big impact on income, finances, and budg [...]

New Cholesterol Drug Could Cut Strokes and Heart Attacks in Half

Good news has come to light for patients in the battle against cholesterol. An experimental trial by Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has proven to cut the number of heart attacks and strokes almost in half. The clinical trial was analysed retrospectively, which means the results are not yet conclusive, but it's still huge news for millions of patients that suffer from cardio-vascular risk [...]

If You Get a Phone Call from the IRS, It's a Scam

If you get a call from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and they haven't contacted you by mail so you're expecting the call, it's a scam. That's what the IRS wants you to know as people trying to scam consumers continue to use the IRS as a way to convince people to give up money and vital financial information to steal their identity. If you get an unexpected call from the IRS demanding mone [...]

FourSquare App Said to Be Losing Popularity Despite Relaunch

Social media apps come and go, but FourSquare, the platform that many thought was the perfect combo of social stickability and marketing nous, is said to be experiencing a decline in popularity. This is despite a rebrand. If you've not seen it, Foursquare is a location based app that takes the risk out of exploring new places. It relies on word of mouth, arguably the most potent and per [...]

Government Puts the Train before the Station: Seeks Nuclear Waste Train Cars

The Obama administration and the United States government has sought out help from companies to come up with methods of safely hauling nuclear waste via existing railroad tracks. The Government is also unsure as to whether they should purchase or lease the cars necessary to move the 150-ton casks full of hot, radioactive, used nuclear fuel. Though the Navy already transports it's radioa [...]

Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Would Be More a Nightmare than a Catastrophe

There is a little less to worry about when it comes to the destruction which would result from the eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. A new computer simulation based on recent studies has revealed that the Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption would be less catastrophic than initially inferred. Original studies conducted in the past had assumed an apocalyptic outcome, predicting most of the [...]

Radical New Alienware Area-51 Gaming PC Announced by Dell is a Game Changer

A few years ago, Dell acquired the well known gaming PC manufacturer, Alienware. Since then it seems that they've slowed down their innovation as far as designs go -- that is, until now. When checking out what Alienware themselves have to say, the first thing you'll read is "Forget everything you know." Quite a bold statement, but very accurate in describing what this futuristic "Triad Chassis [...]

Kraft Recalls Over 7,500 Cases of American Singles over Ingredient Storage Issue

If you have Kraft American singles cheese product in your house, you will want to take a minute and check the package. Kraft Foods Group decided to initiate a voluntary recall of 7,691 cases of four different varieties of its Kraft American Singles due to a supplier incorrectly storing an ingredient used in them. The recall is a precautionary measure, and there have been no known incidents of [...]

New Heart Failure Drug by Novartis Reduces Death Rate by 20 Percent

For the first time in ten years, a pharmaceutical company has made a significant breakthrough in heart-failure treatment. Novartis, a Switzerland based company which ranks among the top 5 in annual revenues, has a new, yet to be named drug, which has shown it can reduce the number of people who die from heart failure. Their new combination drug, LCZ696 had recently undergone a Paradigm-HF clin [...]

What are the Best Deals to Buy at Labor Day Sales 2014?

Labor Day is a federal holiday, and while many places will be closed, the vast majority of retail stores will be open, and they'll be having sales in conjunction with the holiday to drive traffic to their stores. The question that many people ask is what are the best deals to be found during Labor Day sales? Be sure not to fall into the holiday sales event trap. When it comes to all sho [...]

Tax Form 1095-A May Delay ObamaCare Recipients Tax Refunds

Millions of Americans may experience a delay in receiving their tax refunds next year. If you're among those who have applied for, and successfully received, healthcare benefits through President Obama's Affordable Care Act initiative - there's a new form you're going to have to get from the insurance exchange before you can even file for your 2014 tax return. This new form is called the 10 [...]

What's Open and Closed on Labor Day 2014

As with many holidays that land on a Monday like Labor Day, it can be confusing to try to remember which businesses are open and which are not. If you plan to go out on Monday, September 1, then it is a good idea to know what is open and what is closed. This will allow you to avoid wasting time by not going to places which will be closed. Below you'll find a breakdown of which businesses will [...]

Labor Day Sales: Major Retailers Open and Closed September 1, 2014

Many people assume that most stores are open on Labor Day due to the huge amount of Labor Day sales advertising. While it is true that the majority of retail stores remain open, there are some that do not. Below is a list of major retail stores that will be open or closed to observe Labor Day on September 1, 2015. With all of the sales that are sure to take place, there will definitely be o [...]

Are Walmart, Target and Costco Open or Closed on Labor Day 2014?

While many people realize that banks and the post office are closed on federal holidays like Labor Day, there's an assumption all retail outlets are open. In many cases, this is due to all the Labor Day sales advertising which makes it feel like any place that has something to sell is offering some type of deal for the holiday. It's certainly true most major retailers are open over the entire holi [...]

Radio Silence

Hi all! I was hoping to have a post about my version of "balance" (inspired by this post) to go up today. I've gotten it half-written but it's not finished and, being that I'm practicing this new work-life balance and work is a bit on the heavy-side, it's going to have to wait for the time being. Hopefully I'll have it finished to go up on Monday. So sorry for the relative radio silence toda [...]

Are Post Offices Open on Labor Day 2014?

It's often difficult to remember what is and isn't open when the different holidays arrive. This can be especially true when the holiday lands on a weekday when most stores and businesses are open. A perfect example of this is Labor Day, which lands on Monday, September 1, in 2014. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is usually open on Monday, so are post offices open for Labor Day? Is th [...]

New App Lets You Buy What You Like on Instagram and Drain Your Bank Account

Marketers and Retailers across the country will be pleased to hear that Instagram, the popular photo sharing site, can now be used to convert customer "likes" to customer purchases. Consumers may not be as happy to see what this does to the level of savings in their bank accounts. After only three years, Instagram has become a wildly popular social media platform. Its clean aesthetics and f [...]

Great Labor Day Sale Deals: Wine

There are a lot of discounted items to look for during Labor Day sales, but one item which is often overlooked by many who are shopping these sales is wine. The reason wines are often discounted at this time is many wine grapes begin to be harvested in the fall. The result is wineries across the US and the world begin to discount the unsold bottles they have stockpiled in order to make room for th [...]

Are Grocery, Drug and Liquor Stores Open for Labor Day 2014?

Many people consider Labor Day weekend as the unofficial end of summer, and the holiday gives friends and family a last chance to enjoy doing outdoor activities such as barbecuing before the weather turns colder. If you're planning to have a gathering of family and friends, as well as providing food and drinks for them, then it's important to plan ahead and know the schedules of grocery, drug and [...]

Climate Change Causes Serious Threat to World Health

Many of us know the damage that the human desire for fossil fuels and transport is having on the world. But not so many have thought beyond that to the realities of living in a world desiccated by our continued poor treatment of the planet. This week, the United Nations (UN) presented a sobering, but not unexpected, report which details the effects climate change will have not just on the earth it [...]