Are Banks Open on Independence Day 2015?

Having the money you need to fund the activities you engage in this holiday weekend is very important. Many festive outdoor events favor cash purchases so it’s a good idea to prepare your finances before the big day. But will your bank be open or closed this Independence Day? While most people really do want it to be easy to get their hands on their own money when they need it, this could [...]

Retirement Options

Let’s talk retirement. Until just this past year, hubs and I had saved absolutely nothing toward retirement. And, even this past year, we had just started saving $100/month (only in the months where we had an extra $100 to spare). In April we opened our very first Roth IRA for 2014 with a whopping $1,000 investment. That’s it. That’s our full retirement. I’ve had in the back of my mi [...]

Lackluster June 2015 Debt Update

So remember how we had a no-income month of May with hubs' business? That really hurt us in terms of our ability to make big debt payments. I even said at the beginning of the month that we were going to cut out some of the debt payments all together (like the car payment and balance transfer loan, which don't have minimum payments currently due), and pay minimums on everything else. Well, i [...]

Are Costco Tires a Good Deal?

Costco, the warehouse giant, is notorious for saving shoppers money. Customers can find everything from food products to home appliances and electronics. You can get prescriptions, eyeglasses, insurance, and even a car. Did you also know that you can purchase tires for your vehicle at Costco? The question is whether or not it's a good idea to purchase Costco tires. What are the advantages as well [...]

Is It Better to Keep Your Gas Tank Full or Empty?

With the rising cost of living, it is getting harder and harder for people to make ends meet. Most of us try to cut corners whenever and wherever possible to save a few bucks here and there. After all, it all adds up. One way folks try to save money is by getting the best gas mileage possible when driving their vehicles. There has been a lot of debate on whether you should always keep your gas tan [...]

Is a Costco Executive Membership Worth the Price?

Costco shoppers have the option of several membership plans. While it is possible to shop at Costco without a membership, this doesn't work well for those who shop at the warehouse often. For most, it's a choice of purchasing a regular membership for a $55 annual fee, or bumping it up to the Executive plan, which will run $110. While the regular membership plan is perhaps sufficient for man [...]

Job Status

Hi friends! I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially signed the deal and will have a full time job starting July 13th! Holding my signed contract Yikes, that’s sneaking up quick! I’ve signed a short-term 1 month contract to work on course preparation from mid-July through mid-August. Then my full-time contract (where the benefits kick in) begins mid-August. Not a lot of time between [...]

$40 Billion of National Park Assets at Risk Due to Climate Change

An anniversary is usually a cause for celebration. Gifts are exchanged. Happiness is spread. Memories are shared. The U.S. Department of the Interior has a different idea about how it will mark the two-year anniversary of President Obama's Climate Action Plan. Today, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell released a report calling attention to the infrastructure of national parks and the h [...]

Lots Going On - Travel, Decision Time and Almost There

I didn't get an update in last week.  We were traveling to see my grandmother and I neglected to deal with the "no internet" issue at her home.  In the past, I always had a hot spot with my cell phone plan, but since I cut that last fall, well, I didn't plan well.  I went out for a few hours to get internet and get work done, but otherwise, spent the entirety of my time reveling with my family. [...]

Weekly Debt Update #19- Father's Day Weekend and Disney Prep

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. This past weekend was Father's Day, of course, so for all you fathers out there- here's to you. Since my dad was down in Orlando visiting my nephew all weekend, we did not do any celebrating. After talking with my mom and brother, we're holding off celebrating with my dad until the weekend of the 4th, since we all have the weekend off. However, just like [...]

Second Job Offer?!?!

Say what? Yes. Just now I opened my email and found an email from the "other" department saying they are posting an ad soliciting an instructor/undergraduate coordinator and they would like for me to apply for the position. The ad should be posted by the end of the week and they hope to have a quick hire (7-10 day turnaround). What? WHAT?! My Mom (the real estate broker) says I'm like [...]

Free National Park Pass for All 4th Grade Students and Their Families

There are opportunities to visit national parks for free a few days each year, but if there is a child in your family going into the fourth grade after summer vacation, you have the opportunity to get into national parks for free for the entire 2015 - 2016 school year. All fourth graders are being gifted a pass which will enable them (and the family members who accompany them) to visit over 400 na [...]

Costco Membership Fees and Plans

If you don't live in a cave, the chances are that you have checked out Costco, or at least heard the buzz about the bargains you can find at the bulk warehouse retailer. Most people who have memberships will agree that a membership to Costco will save you money in the long run. The problem for many is Costco doesn't offer a trial membership or a one-day pass so you can figure out whether the wareh [...]

Hot Temps!!!

Living in Tucson, we have it pretty good during the winter. We get a nice crisp chill in the air and can drive to the mountains to play in snow (yes, there are little mountains in Tucson), but we only have a handful of below-freezing nights and rarely encounter snow in the city. So I like to playfully tease my friends in the North during winter time – mocking them with pictures of our sunny o [...]

Father's Day Recap

Our Father's Day this year was really low-key. Unfortunately (or fortunately, considering our no-income month of May!!!), hubs had to work the entire weekend, including a full day on Sunday. Also, my recent travel last week made it feel like Father’s Day really snuck up on me this year. I’ve gotten pretty good with frugal gift-giving, but I hadn’t adequately planned or prepared for anyt [...]

We Have Entered a New Period of Extinction

You can probably guess with a good degree of certainty just which creatures were wiped out during the last mass extinction on Earth. That's right: the dinosaurs. Well, to be more accurate, it was the non-avian dinosaurs that were wiped out. That happened about 65 million years ago and it appears as if our planet has entered into another extinction phase. Scientists from Stanford, Princeton, [...]


First - Happy Father's Day to all! I'll be back Monday with a Father's Day recap post to let you know what we're up to. But in the meantime, I wanted to get this post up sooner so I can try to get as much feedback from readers as possible, given that this is a time-sensitive issue. Thanks so much! I hope you're all having a great weekend!   Hallelujah, y’all! I’m not even going to l [...]

Leveraging Your Love: 8 Real Hobby Jobs to Help You Get Debt-Free Like Me

When I was struggling to pay off my debt, I felt as though I had no time for the things I loved. Devoting one's effort to making money to pay lenders usually doesn't leave much time and energy for pleasant pursuits, and whenever I took a weekend, a day, or even a few hours off to indulge my hobby, I felt guilty about slacking off. As luck would have it, I was able to adapt my love into a si [...]

6 Stay-at-Home Jobs I've Done as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Being a stay-at-home parent is inarguably one of the most fulfilling and frustrating jobs on the planet. For one, you get to see your children grow and change -- but to do this, you must sacrifice the perks of the working world, including the camaraderie of co-workers. Fortunately, staying at home doesn't mean surrendering the most useful aspect of having a job: additional income. Even afte [...]

Free Father's Day Meals and Food Freebies

Father's Day is just around the corner (Sunday, June 21, 2015), and to celebrate the day, there are a number of establishments which are offering free food to dads. The deals are usually one of two types -- true freebies where there is no additional purchase necessary, and freebies with an additional purchase (for example, buy a kid's meal and dad gets a free meal). Here are some of the free food [...]