Temperature a Huge Factor in over 2000 Weather Related Deaths Each Year

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released a report this week on weather connected deaths, many of them due to temperature related conditions like heat stroke or hypothermia. This may come as a surprise to those who don't pay much attention to nightly forecasts unless there's a storm or hurricane on the way. It turns out that catastrophic weather events are not t [...]

Surprise - Just Thought I'd Pop In

Hello Everyone from Hill Country, Texas...my birthplace and old stomping grounds. I wrote a whole post of blow by blows of our travel and then re-read it and yawned.  So I'll just give you the financial highlights for now... Travel Day 1: 32 hours of travel before crashing in our hotel Costs: Gas (budgeted for,) Movie ($33) when we arrived at our destination too early Travel Day 2: Se [...]

The Annoying Facebook Gifts Service Will End August 12, 2014

If you found it annoying when Facebook suggested you purchase and send a digital gift card to someone you hadn't seen in years because it was their birthday, you weren't alone. If you were one of the users who never used the service, you weren't alone either. Facebook will be discontinuing their Facebook Gifts service on August 12, 2014 due to underwhelming demand. The service has been [...]

Florida Officials Send Out Vibrio Vulnificus Flesh-Eating Bacteria Warning

It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but it's all too real. Real enough for Florida officials to send out a warning to all that the flesh-eating bacterium Vibrio vulnificus is alive and well in the warm Florida waters. Officials are warning those who plan to swim in Florida waters that they should take precautions. The bacterium has infected 11 people so far this year in Florida, an [...]

OkCupid Joins Facebook in an Admission That It Manipulated Users

OkCupid joins Facebook in admitting that it has manipulated its users. The popular American dating site owned by IAC works by providing users with ratings, or compatibility scores, based on questions they answer about their own personalities and interests. It then matches them up with compatible mates. This may sound relatively simple, but statistics show that even if people are matched [...]

Slowly Running Short Distances Greatly Reduces the Chances of a Heart Attack

Get out those running shoes, but don't despair about having to run long distances or for a long time each week. In fact, you don't even have to come close to wearing out your running shoes to gain huge benefits from them. A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology indicates running for even short periods of time, as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day, can have a huge p [...]

Surgeon General Says to Stop Using Tanning Beds to Prevent Cancer

Sun-soaked August is almost upon us and as many young women are getting 'bikini ready' with a few tanning-bed sessions, the acting Surgeon General has made his stance very clear on the dangers of over-exposure to ultraviolet light. It's not a new message, but as a dermatologist who's seen too many people dying of skin cancer, Chuck Lushniak is qualified to push the issue back into the spotl [...]

Interview Update

I feel kind of weird talking about this before decisions have been made - don't want to "jinx" myself - but I feel like I'm gushing to a friend, so here are the deets on my interview from this morning (interviewing for a managing editor position at an academic publication): First, I think the interview went really well!!! The conversation flowed naturally, and it felt like I was chatting with [...]

Are Credit Cards Beating Credit Karma at Its Own Game?

Credit Karma is currently the king of free credit scores, but that crown may be in jeopardy. Major credit card companies, such as Discover, Barclaycard and First Bankcard are now offering free credit scores to their customers as part of their monthly billing statements. Due to credit card companies entering into the free credit score business, this service area is undergoing another big change. Th [...]

Ashley's Financial Goals

With all my making and changing goals, I wanted to give a quick re-cap of my current financial plan of action (see last full plan of action post here, and an update with details about my race to 20K here). So here are my current goals, in order of priority: License fees. We still owe approximately $4,000. The original goal was to try to have it paid off by August 2014. I'm still holding ont [...]

Fist Bumps and High Fives Healthier than Handshakes

Researchers at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences in Wales have this week advised the general public on the bacterial dangers of the humble handshake. The gesture has been used since ancient Greece, as a greeting, an expression of friendship or a mode of congratulation. In the centuries since, it has become a common practice across the world. In the last fifty yea [...]

Venice Beach Lightning Death is Second US Lightning Beach Death this Week

For the second time this week, a person has died as the result of a lightning strike while at the beach. According to the National Weather Service, a 41-year-old man walking along Fort Meyers Beach in Florida was struck and killed by lightning on Tuesday last week. Five days later, Nick Fagnano, a 21-year-old was killed by a lightning strike at Venice Beach in California. The Venice Beach l [...]

Congress Finally Compromises to Ease Veteran Healthcare Wait Times

There's some good news out of Congress for Veterans and their health care needs. Tension was resolved over the weekend with a compromise reached between VA leaders, Bernie Sanders and Jeff Miller,on a bill to aid veterans faced with long hospital waiting lists. It's a timely step towards the resolution of what has been an ongoing scandal for the VA in recent months. Reuters reported allegat [...]

On the Bright Side

This past week was a tough one. I felt like the blows just kept coming. First was work-related. After favorable reviews in the first round of comments, I received TWO manuscript rejections this past week: one on Monday and the other on Friday. For those of you in academia, you know how this stings – particularly after the first round of reviews sounded so positive. It felt a bit like being pu [...]

9 Ways to Get More Likes for Your Facebook Page

If you want to make money on Facebook, one of the most important ingredients is getting a lot of Likes on your Facebook page. That being said, all Likes aren't created equal. While you might be tempted to employ a service that claims it will garner you hundreds of Likes overnight, you want to refrain from this because it will be nothing more than a waste of money. Before you utilize this ethically [...]

My Babies

I apologize for the only tangentially debt-related post. But it’s certainly relevant to our monthly spending as well as my income.   I’m so tired. So, so tired. I don’t want to be all “poor me” and pity partying – especially when there are people with real problems all around. But sometimes it just seems so hard. Life, that is. And if I survive the “terrible two [...]

Study Shows Sleep Deprivation Causes Major Memory Flaws

Whether you're a waiter, a librarian or a taxi driver, having a bad memory can make life rather unmanageable. But this week, researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of California, Irvine have published research which could be the answer for those of us who struggle with this type of absentmindedness. The study, run by Stephen Frenda and Kimberly Fenn, involved testing [...]

Faulty Airbags Spur Nissan to Recall Additional 226,000 Cars

Faulty airbags have caused the recall of millions of cars over the past year. Another quarter of a million can be added to the list as Nissan has decided to recall 226,326 more of their vehicles due to the issue. This is on top of the 400,000 Nissan had recalled previously for the same issue. The faulty airbags were manufactured by the Japanese company Takata Corporation, and the airbags have caus [...]

Dow Sees Biggest Decline in Six Weeks as S&P 500 Fails to Extend Record Closes

The week for stocks looked so promising through Thursday, but Friday brought about a sour note, leaving stocks lower for the Dow than where it began for the week, and erasing record highs the S&P 500 had been achieving during the week. The Friday decline managed to thwart the chance for indexes to end at another week of record highs. The S&P 500 index has squeezed out three record days [...]

People Dumpster Diving for Marijuana to Make Money

There are a lot of people who dumpster dive to make money, or just to get items for themselves.  It can be a great way to get things for free, and people can often find good items to sell for a profit at garage sales or online auction sites. There is a thriving community which does this to help themselves, help others and make money. In most areas in the US, dumpster diving is still legal (alt [...]