Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Im blogging from my phone so this will be quick. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers and an equally happy holidays sentiment to those of you elsewhere in the world. ill give more details Monday but we ended up all driving up to Utah for my dads last holiday here. It was a beautiful and family-filled day. Girls played with cousins, loved seeing snow(!), and eating go [...]

Weekly EF savings Update #1- Building Up My EF

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a great start to the week! Today marks the first of my "Weekly EF Savings Updates", which I will be providing on a weekly basis until I reach my ultimate savings goal. After doing some thinking, I've decided that having $5000.00 would leave me with enough of an emergency threshold to continue my student loan debt payoff. If all goes well, I could have this sa [...]

Confessions of a Grey-Haired Girl

You know how I’ve been cutting and coloring my own hair for the past 18 months? It’s still going strong. With the exception of 2 professional hair cut/colors prior to interviews I’ve been exclusively doing my own hair (one professional cut/color was back in November 2014, the other was in January 2015…funny enough, neither of those are jobs I actually landed. Before the interview for my cu [...]

5th Wedding Anniversary

When hubs and I got married we’d already been together for nearly a decade. We met the first week of my freshman (his sophomore) year of college. The rest is history! When we got married in 2010 I was about $70,000 in debt and still in grad school (racking up more debt). Our parents helped us with much of our wedding costs but our honeymoon was up to us. With little to our name (and yet, appa [...]

5 Rules for Retail Home Traders to Trade

The sheer number of diversification opportunities in Forex trading is attracting many retail home traders to dive in this highly liquid and expansive trading market. The average per day volume of foreign exchange trading is $5.3 trillion a day, with banks, governments, corporations, and private investment funds as its active partners. The ease of electronically managing your trade transactions has [...]

A Little Good News on the Job Front

I've been offered and accepted a part time job.  It's contract work, so no benefits, but it is what I have been doing and the pay rate mediocre at best.  But it is skilled labor and on the outskirts of my field and for a company that is VERY HIGHLY respected in my field. So beginning in January, I will get between 15-25 hours a week which I can work from home at my leisure.  I figured that i [...]

Relocation Expense vs Signing Bonus

In my defense I haven't sought a new "job" in almost 14 years.  I've written before about how off my resume was at the beginning of this one and Faye from LeapofFaye.com jumped in and saved the day.  And really, truly it was saving the day...I think to date I've had 8 first interviews for what I thought were ideal jobs.  I count myself blessed with every single call I get from an application or [...]

Weekly Debt Update #28- Debt Reduction Postponed

Hey everybody and happy Tuesday! There's been a lot of talk on this blog lately with respect to the the proper amount of cash savings to have on hand in case of an emergency. If you haven't yet ready my post and the subsequent comments, I suggest you do here. Ashley also wrote some great posts about this topic yesterday, here, and here. Based on the comments on my post, as well as Ashley's, a [...]

Savings versus Debt

Just to piggyback on my earlier post.... What do you guys think about this? Image from this article. Apparently the image was originally from a poster on Reddit, who advocated a minimum 3-6 months of savings in an EF as well as a steady 401(k) contribution (up to employer match) prior to tackling debt. It seems to me based on some recent conversations (occurring inside the comments section [...]

Why It's (Sometimes) OK to Have a Small Emergency Fund

I’ve mentioned that I’m keeping a very slim emergency fund (just under $1,000) from now through the New Years. Instead of beefing it up right now back to a place where I feel comfortable (which, for me, is about $4,000ish), I’m putting it off until the New Year. Last week Matt posted about how his emergency fund (EF) has also taken a dip down to right at $1,000. A couple readers commente [...]

My Stomach was in Knots but it is Okay

Written on Tuesday... For the first time EVER in my life, I had to meet with someone and tell them I could not take care of my family.  I had to go to the same building that I visited so many times as a foster parent and later adoptive parent full of pride that I was doing something to give back, something good and right, and admit that I was a failure.  I had to look at a woman in the eye an [...]

Using Found Items to Make Gifts

I can't wait to share with you some of my gifts I'm making.  But I'm really enjoying the process of finding things around the house, mostly things we would normally trash or recycle and seeing what I can make out of them that would be both practical and a craft worth giving. So I've got these 1/2 gallon milk jars, glass, that I've been trying to find something to do with.  For this I have LOV [...]

How Do You Write about Money...

It's very hard to write about money and paying off debt when you don't have any money to pay off debt.  And I'm certain we don't want to turn Blogging Away Debt into Hope's Job Search.  So there is the challenge I face as I continue to try to write. Thus, the goal of "finding" some money to not only sustain us while I job search but to also, maybe continue at least paying the minimum debt pay [...]

Car Inspection and Winter Hobbies

Happy Tuesday everyone! From my last post, I discussed needing to save up for my car's state inspection and emission's test, which I had scheduled for November 9th. Well, that day came and passed and it hit me to the tune of $887.00, which was within the range I was expecting. I needed some work done, which I was told about over the summer, plus I decided to get 4 new tires. Although they passe [...]

Family Photos

One thing we cut out of our family budget while in debt-reduction mode has been family photos. Last year for our holiday cards I used a photo I'd taken myself (see here). The last time we had professional photos taken (2 years ago), we'd used a groupon and went to the JC Penny Portrait Studio. But it was kind of a rip-off. The photos were just so-so, we felt rushed (had 15 minutes total), only [...]

No Spend Month by Default

Needless to say, with my job loss, we are tightening our belts financially... We've stopped our weekly fresh milk and organic food deliveries.  Returning to bulk purchases as much as possible. All entertainment is out  the window - no going out to eat, movies, etc. I've redeemed all my stockpiled points for items needed while I had the cash to supplement them and so I didn't lose them.  [...]

What to do When You Lose Your Job

I've been attending a Job Transition group since I got the news of my impending lay off.  It's been great to connect with like minded people (faith based group) who are going or who have gone through similar situations.  This morning the talk to turned to me with questions of healthcare now, unemployment benefits and general "what to do when you lose your job" tasks. It's been a LONG time sin [...]

And the Job Search is On

First week without a job...it's a very new feeling after 10 years of working 70+ hour work weeks.  I have really been focusing this week of keeping things low key and not going into panic mode.  It's a very different routine, and I'm not taking it for granted, trying to enjoy it while it lasts. Over the last few weeks, I have been knee deep in the job search primarily focusing on returning to [...]

Ashley's October 2015 Budget Update

October was a good month for income and debt payments. Check it out:  Place Amount Spent Rent 1200 Electricity 269 Water 53 Natural gas 36 Cell Phones (2 lines) 89 Cable/Internet 90 Car Insurance 117 Trash 35 Preschool 956 Gift-Giving 54 Personal Maintenance 91 Restaurants 158 Groceries 695 Gasoline 89 [...]

Just Sayin'...

  After sitting steady in the $15,000 owed range for my auto loan debt (as you can see, from February through April), it feels pretty awesome for these debt payments to have kicked into high gear in the past few months. Seeing the balance dip just below $7,000 = priceless! It's going to be gone quickly now! Hope you're all experiencing some fun wins, too! It definitely helps keep mo [...]