4 Smart Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

The cost of auto insurance often causes people to lower their deductibles until they find a premium that they can afford. Unfortunately, that generally leaves people with deductibles that they can't meet if anything ever happens, making the insurance pointless. Before you start lowering your deductibles, follow these money-saving steps to save money and still have proper coverage. Re-Evaluate C [...]

Financial Conversations to Have with Your Fiancé

In the weeks and months leading up to your nuptials, your head will probably be spinning with wedding planning and daydreaming about that honeymoon. Amidst the chaos and excitement, however, you and your fiancé should sit down and have a serious conversation about family financial planning. It may sound boring and even a bit awkward, but full financial disclosure before tying the knot is one of t [...]

Six Useful Things to Look for When You Read Your Credit Report

Many people who obtain a free credit report wonder how they can use their credit reports to manage their credit wisely. This is understandable because credit reports contain detailed information about your credit history that savvy consumers use to manage their credit wisely. Here are six useful things that I like to look for when I read my free credit report that can help you learn how to mana [...]

Now We Know

Thanks for all the kind comments on my Tuesday post regarding the health of our dog, Rocky. I haven't been able to bring myself to reply to each of the comments individually, but I do want you to know I've read every single one and appreciate all the love and positivity you've shown us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Yesterday I spent 4 hours at a vet specialist having additional test [...]

A little laugh for today

I'm staying uber busy with work so aside from previously scheduled activites we are not doing much which is great because it means we are eating at home and not spending money.  Yeah!  So my plan is to get another numbers post done this weekend once some big projects are complete.  But here are few highlights from the couple of weeks. As I mentioned last week, it was homeschool prom time.  [...]

A dog's worth

    Rocky was our first baby. Years before we ever had human children, he was our "child." Yes, we were those people. The kind who refer to their pets as children. We treated him as well as you'd treat a human child, too. He had it made. Dog parks, long jogs, lots of love and affection. He moved with us cross-country two separate times. He's been with us through thick and thin. Ric [...]

Summer Childcare Blues

Finding reliable, reputable childcare has consistently been one of the most stressful parts of being a working parent.  So today I want to pose a question to the other working parents out there:  What do you do for summertime childcare?!? The place we’re currently at operates on an academic year schedule (not surprising, because its preschool through 8th grade so it’s a real school campus [...]


Back in December 2015 we hit a big milestone. We had officially paid $50,000 toward debt!!! What a huge thing! Just thinking about paying $50,000 toward debt in two years (a rate of $25,000/year – nearly half our annual income when we first started blogging!) is mind-blowing. And just last month we hit another big milestone. One that I have mixed feelings about. We have now decreased ou [...]

Delay in Post

I'm afraid I don't have  a number's post ready for tomorrow (or today by the time you are reading this.)  But I do have a great excuse. For the first time in 6 months, well, over 6 months now, I have more than full time work for the next two weeks.  This comes from varying sources, but it is work and I am spending tons of time on it and continuing to grow my business. On top of that, it i [...]

Staying On Top of Finances

Has anyone seen this vine that's floating around the interwebs? Luckily it's been awhile since we've felt that underwater (knock on wood). But it still made me chuckle, thinking of all the times when this video would have been VERY true for describing our financial lives. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet. Hopefully it'll make you smile, too.   [...]

April Budget Update

Yikes! With how overdue this budget update is, I did consider just skipping it entirely. I forgot to post December's budget and it was my first time to ever miss a month! I don't want it to start becoming a pattern. So, instead of pushing it off any longer, here's the extremely overdue budget: Place Amount Spent Rent 1200 Down Payment Savings 2000 Electricity 88 Wat [...]

Teacher Appreciation

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Day, but our school actually did a Teacher Appreciation Week back in early April! I’d meant to write a post about it at that time, but it escaped me until now. I pride myself on giving pretty decent little teacher appreciation gifts without spending a bunch of money (see a previous teacher gift here, and a classroom gift idea here). This year was no exceptio [...]

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day all! We’re having a pretty low-key Mother’s Day this year. This is our first full weekend back from the cruise. I flew in late last Sunday night, but hubs just drove back with his mom & the girls on Tuesday so we’re still dealing with the unpacking and tidying up that comes after any trip. I was really mad at myself this year because with all the cruise hubbub [...]

A Tiny Little Splurge - Worth More than its Weight in Gold

I have a confession to make, and to be honest, this is something I did months ago.  Like maybe three months ago.  But I just got the results, so at this point the money was long gone.  But...let me explain why first. Months ago, I was sitting at dinner with History Buff, Princess and Gymnast.  And like all 10 years olds do, Gymnast went off on this tangent about tattoos, how he wanted one, [...]

All About the Money - April 19 to May 1

We've just wrapped up our second week on the farm, and for the first time in years it seems I feel like I can breathe again. You just don't realize the amount of stress you are carrying around until it gets lifted. I mentioned in my post this past weekend that I was really staying busy with work, but I am also doing a lot of work outside including spreading mulch, cutting down tress and bushes and [...]

Ashley's April 2016 Debt Update + NEW Balance Transfer Loan

Hi all! Thanks for your patience with me as I was out of town and kind of absent (especially in the comments) for awhile. I only logged in a single time on our week-long vacation and then had to spend a few days playing catch-up with work-related obligations once I returned before really rejoining you here. LOTS of posts to come very soon, but for now let me get up this overdue April debt updat [...]

This, too, shall pass

I know I keep talking about how "busy-busy-busy" or "go-go-go" I am all the time now. I love my job(s) and I'm very thankful for it them, but the schedule can also be a bit overwhelming sometimes. The end-of-semester craziness has been kicking my butt and I've been looking forward to summer. Just hold on a couple more weeks...a couple more weeks and everything will calm down. That's been my [...]

Monitor Worker Time with App Services

The ability to monitor employee time sheets has greatly evolved over the course of the last 10 years. For decades, employees relied on the clock punch-card. This effective, yet flawed method for monitoring employee time proved straightforward, but it also opened up the potential for fraud and other issues. Eventually, as technology evolved and new options came to pass, it made fraud far more diffi [...]

April Savings Update - Hope

My number one goal is to have a healthy savings account, not just for emergencies, but also in anticipation of moving again and needing to be ready for that. So this will be my monthly summary of my savings account: [table id=78 /] This account is held at my primary bank, but I can only transfer money into it online, for any withdrawals, I have to visit the bank.  This works for me because it m [...]

Life on the Farm with Chickens

Life has really slowed down for us.  I am spending 4-6 hours a day working on work or finding work or thinking about work, and then the rest is spent on schooling or sports with the kids.  Everyone is really happy with this move.  But we've also had some excitement... [caption id="attachment_11203" align="aligncenter" width="500"] History Buff with our lone rooster - name Milo after my belov [...]