Black Friday + Husband Helping Fail

Hi all! Any Black Friday shoppers out there? I don't know how the frugal living/getting out of debt folks of the world feel about Black Friday. In past years I always saw it as more of an 'adult' thing (i.e., getting items you want for cheaper than usual). But now that I'm a parent I've started really noticing how many parents rely on Black Friday shopping in order to afford their kids' Christmas [...]

Those Smoking Fall to Lowest Level Ever

The proportion of U.S. adults that smoke cigarettes has hit an all time low. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the findings of their recent survey of adults attempting to gauge the number of active smoking adults in the Unites States. The study is to assist with the Healthy People 2020 initiative. They were happy to announce that just 17.8 percent of adults [...]

New Priorities

As you've heard the last couple of weeks, I've kind been through the fire these past couple of months and just now am beginning to feel like I'm coming out the other side. Not saying that a majority of what I've been through isn't of my own making, but it certainly all wasn't. So now I'm starting to process the lessons learned, especially financially and personally and just now starting to think o [...]

Whopping $100000 Found in Backpack at Burger King

Have you ever wondered how honest someone would be if you left your money in plain sight? Well, in San Jose California, a person can leave one hundred thousand dollars behind and employees at the local Burger King will wait for you to come back and pick it up. Yes - you read that correctly -- $100,000. Wednesday, the assistant manager at the Burger King on North Bascom Avenue in San Jos [...]

Lessons Learned from Owning a Small Business

Happy Thanksgiving to you U.S. readers!!!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with happiness and warmth! In full disclosure, I wrote this post on Monday but I wanted to schedule it ahead of time so I could give you a little light reading over the long holiday weekend. I'll be spending the day with my family. I hope you all have a great day and a safe holiday weekend! I’ve got some goo [...]

Twitter Plans to Monitor Your Mobile App Downloading Activity

Would you be willing to let Twitter know all the apps you download onto your mobile phone? Twitter recently disclosed its plan to monitor mobile app-downloading activity among its users. The social media company is trying to devise new marketing plans through collecting data on what other apps Twitter users are using. Twitter says their investigation will help them deliver strong and more "tailore [...]

What's Open and Closed the Day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday)

Everyone knows that the day after Thanksgiving is a huge consumer retail day with Black Friday sales going on at practically every retail store across the US. The Friday after Thanksgiving isn't a federal holiday, but because it lands right after a holiday and right before a weekend, some businesses decide to take the day off. Many families also travel to see friends and relatives for a long four- [...]

What's Open and Closed on Thanksgiving Day 2014

Thanksgiving Day used to be a day where consumers could pretty much assume everything would be closed for the day, but that's no longer the case. While the vast majority of institutions will shut their doors to let families celebrate the holiday day together, there are more and more retail outlets opening their doors, and the idea of Thanksgiving being a holiday for everyone is beginning to sh [...]

What Time Do Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day?

Over the last few years, consumers have seen Black Friday creep into Thanksgiving Day when it comes to sales at retail outlets, and the beginning of the holiday shopping season. While there are still stores holding out and refusing to open on Thanksgiving Day, more and more stores are, and they're opening at earlier and earlier hours. While there are plenty of reasons not to shop on Thanksgiving, [...]

A New Budget - First Pass

I've put this off long enough, it's time to come up with a new monthly budget for our new life and space.  Bear with me as I haven't started receiving utility bills here yet so I'm not sure how they are going to run. I will tell you that we've had no A/C or heat running for the past month as it stays really warm in here with all the surrounding units running theirs constantly. Even now, the win [...]

So Worth It - Kid's Activities

I know that there were lots of opinions on my kids involvement in different activities and the amount of money I spent on them.  While much of their activities are bartered there are certainly costs associated with them, and the driving alone is a hefty chunk of my time not to mention gas....but I declare that as I/we get more selective, they do pay off.  I have talked alot about my youngest bei [...]

FDA Announces New Calorie Rules Including Movie Popcorn

Do most people know how many calories they consume? It's estimated Americans consume 4500 calories on Thanksgiving day, but most people don't know how many calories are in the food they eat at restaurants. That's about to change. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released an anticipated list of new rules that chain restaurants and vending machines are expected to adhere to. The new rul [...]

How Many Calories Do Americans Eat on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a great time of year - friends, family and food...and calories. While we all tend to eat a little more during the holiday season, have you ever wondered exactly how many calories you may be eating as you indulge? While some attack Thanksgiving meals as a once a year phenomena, that is not the case for most of us. Thanksgiving day and dinner kicks off a season of eating too much of [...]

Thanksgiving Dinner Printable Shopping List

If you haven't already finished your Thanksgiving shopping, waiting for great deals might be high on your list. With all the possible choices and places to shop, it may be confusing and difficult to decide where to find the best deals. Be sure to take along our Printable Thanksgiving Shopping List (PDF) so that you don't forget anything. The good news is there hasn't been a large increa [...]

The Trick Smart Shoppers Use to Guarantee They Get Any Black Friday Deal They Want

If you haven't already secured all the Black Friday deals you want this year, you don't know how to shop Black Friday like an expert. You may be wondering how someone would be able to secure all their Black Friday deals before Black Friday even arrives, but many people do. That's because the best shoppers are guaranteed to get the best Black Friday prices without ever having to fight the holiday c [...]

Chapter Closed

Well, almost...our house sold today. It's officially over. As a result of the finishing touches I had to complete this week, it's been extremely emotional for me, lots of crying. The new owners even moved in early, paying a per diem rate to take possession last Friday rather than waiting for today's closing. My parents will come for a week long visit in one week, and my dad said that he wi [...]

Stores Open and Closed on Thanksgiving Day 2014

It wasn't too long ago that all major retailers remained closed on Thanksgiving Day waiting for the stroke of midnight to open their doors for all the black Friday deals. That's no longer the case. More and more retail stores are opening their doors at earlier and earlier times on Thanksgiving Day, while others refuse to fall prey to this new trend by keeping their doors shut. This all makes for a [...]

Consolidation Station???

The title of this post has nothing to do with anything, except it reminded me of the lyrics "conjunction junction, what's your function" (from the School House Rock theme song). This is a quickie post, but something that may solve some of the high student loan APR issues that I've been talking about recently (see discussion here, see list of debts and APRs here). Any readers consolidate thei [...]

Gifts to Myself - A Mental Break

You are right.  I am overwhelmed, I am stressed out and I don't trust my own judgment right now. So currently, my financial life is just trying to stay afloat, not make any big decisions and get a little ahead.  But I have this week decided to gift myself two things.... We will be going out for Thanksgiving.  Despite the hardships of the last few months, we have much to be thankful for and [...]

Apple Partners with (RED) for Black Friday to Spread AIDS Awareness Through Apps

With all the talk about Black Friday this week, it's not a surprise Apple is also jumping on the Black Friday boat, but the company is adding a philanthropic twist. They have decided to celebrate the holidays by launching a 2-week fundraising campaign for World AIDS Day, which is on December 1st. Apple says it plans to donate an unspecified percentage of its proceeds from 25 popular apps to (RED)' [...]