Happy Halloween....errrrr Wedding Day!!!

Hi Friends!! Today is my friend's wedding day I've been talking about for the past several months! Exciting stuff! I don't have a lot of time but I wanted to pop in and say - Good news!!! I was so worried about our "night out" yesterday night (thinking it would probably be $$$, see the post I wrote about here) but I ended up spending ZERO dollars! Woohoo!!! How, you might ask? Well [...]

The Costs of a Trip to Texas

The comments section on this post were all over the place! I’d talked about making a trip back to Texas and about half of you were supportive of the decision…. Yes, a trip back home would be a good thing! You can’t place a value on time spent with family. There are no guarantees in life – spend time with your loved ones while you can! ….and the other half of commenters were no [...]

The Teal Pumpkin Project Helps Trick-or-Treating Kids with Food Allergies

For most kids, Halloween is a time of gathering as many sugar-filled snacks as they possibly can. There are a minority of children, however, where parents must check their kids' Halloween trick-or-treat bag filled with goodies for more than general safety reasons. Children with food allergies can end up with a bag filled with life-threatening treats rather than sugar-laden goodies sure to have the [...]

Helping Kids Manage Money

Note: This post is primarily about my teenagers, while the little ones do have ways to earn money and responsibilities, they are at a different level so read this with teenage boy in mind. The twins have started their part time jobs!  One of them just received his first paycheck.  Now it's time to implement some guidelines on managing their money. I am wide open for your advice especially if [...]

Ibuprofen Shown to Be the Best Option for Kids' Bone Fracture Pain Relief

No parent wants to see their child suffering in pain. When a child ends up going to the emergency room due to a bone fracture, parents want to hear the doctor is giving the child something to reduce the pain. They usually want what they feel is the strongest pain relief available for their kids in these situations, but what they assume is strongest and best medication for the injury may not actual [...]

The Part Time Job

I've bitten off more than I can chew...so this past weekend I resigned my part time job, and I felt horrible about it.  One because I really enjoyed just getting out of the house and my typical routine and being around other adults and just doing mundane tasks that I didn't have to bring home.  Oh, and the bi-weekly deposits into my newer emergency fund were nice. I went in for what I assumed [...]

How Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and Quizzle Can Help You Save Money

The fact is that many people don't pay much attention to their credit scores. In this day and age, the ability to comprehend how your credit score can benefit or hurt you is important to learn. If you don't have the best credit or even know what your credit score is, you can attain the needed knowledge on how to improve your credit score by visiting sites like Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and Quizz [...]

Making Do: Family Picture

Full disclosure:  I actually wrote this post back in August. I have no idea how/why I forgot about it until now, but I wanted to publish it as part of my "making do" series (see others here, here and here). So, as you read, sorry about the dated language (i.e., I mention October being "almost a year ago" when....clearly its been a full year at this point since last October, lol). At any rate, e [...]

Modified Money Envelope System

Well the month is almost over and I wanted to report on how my modified money envelope system has gone. Remember, I decided to do a modified money envelope with only 2 categories: groceries and eating out. Instead of a traditional envelope I used the two compartments in my wallet and designated one for each of these purposes. How did it go? Well, as with anything new, I think there were a [...]

Regretful Robber Returns to Crime Scene with Money and Waits Patiently for Police

Just because you tried to be an "honest crook" doesn't mean that the court system treats you any differently. Cyle Warren Abbott Jr. of Eureka, California walked into a local convenience store just after 6:14 am brandishing what looked like a semi-automatic firearm. He demanded money, and after he was given an undisclosed amount, he helped himself to two bottles of beer before fleeing. When [...]

Dark Chocolate May Help Prevent Memory Loss, but You Need to Eat a Lot of It

A small study conducted by Columbia University was published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, has shown some interesting results in improving memory using antioxidants found in chocolate. People between the ages of 50 to 69 who were healthy were given a mixture with cocoa flavanols, an antioxidant found in chocolate, for three months. One group had a high level of the flavanols and one group wa [...]

Rock On! Music Therapy Helps Lessen Depression in Teenagers and Children

Many believe rock stars, through their own music, are giving themselves self therapy. What if music therapy worked on kids with depression as well as it does for these rock stars? A new study published by the Northern Ireland Music Therapy Trust and Queen's University of Northern Ireland in Belfast reports that music therapy provides relief for children and adolescents suffering from depression. R [...]

What Does a Comet Smell Like? Rotten Eggs and Horse Urine

The latest in scientific discoveries - the scent of a comet! Reports of scientists' first sniff of a meteor have surfaced over the past few days, and the news is they don't smell all that great. In fact, they're downright stinky. This scent breakthrough comes from the European Space Agency's craft, Rosetta. Rosetta has been orbiting comet 67P, AKA Churyumov Gerasimenko. The instrument which receiv [...]

32000 Lbs of Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Recalled for High Risk of Contamination

Murry's, a Pennsyvania based company, has issued a recall on Gluten Free breaded chicken after the Colorado Department of Agriculture discovered there was high risk that the chicken was contaminated. The Federal Emergency Response Network lab discovered the toxins during a routine inspection. The Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Nuggets from Bell and Evans have been officially recalled for staphylcocca [...]

Huge Six Pound Gold Butte Nugget Sells to Mystery Collector for $400k

The finder of a huge California gold nugget is a mystery. They buyer of that nugget is also a mystery. And to round it all off, even the price paid for the nugget is a mystery. The 6.07 pound nugget known as the "Butte Nugget" was sold to a buyer who wants to remain anonymous, for price somewhere close to $400,000, although the exact price isn't being disclosed. All that's known about the mystery [...]

Drugstores CVS and Rite Aid Ditch Apple Pay as Payment Option

The Apple Pay system may be the latest in adds to the iPhone 6 and its future counterparts, but merchants aren't yet biting on the up and coming technology - from Apple anyway. Nothing illustrates this as well as CVS Pharmacy and its latest move to stop accepting Apple Pay as a valid form of payment. And they are not the first. The large retail pharmacy chain is adding itself to the list of the [...]

The House

My house sold!  The signed contract isn't in hand yet, but we got the offer on Monday and on Thursday we came to terms.  It will close next month. What a total and complete blessing! For those of you into numbers, this means the house sold in 1 week and we got almost what we asking for it.  I have no idea what this means for me monetarily, and am not ready to ask my dad that question but [...]

Secret Buyer Snags Huge Butte Gold Nugget for About $400,000

A huge gold nugget which has caused excitement among collectors around the world has found a new home, but nobody knows exactly where that is or who it will be with. Not only is the seller of the largest gold nugget found in recent California gold hunting history a mystery, so is the new owner of the nugget. The 6.07 pound nugget known as the "Butte Nugget" sold to a secret buyer for around $400,0 [...]

The US Postal Service May Be Delivering Your Groceries in the Near Future

Your local postal worker may be delivering more than just mail in the not too distant future. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been given approval to test daily grocery delivery to people's homes in addition to their typical mail delivery duties. To test the concept, and to see if this could be a money generating service for the post office, the Postal Regulatory Commission recen [...]

The Year of Becoming an Adult

Hubs and I have been talking a lot about different life things lately. This year has been a big turning point for our family. We’ve really committed to the decision to get rid of our debt and we’ve made huge improvements in this area (yes, we still have an enormous amount of student loan/medical debt, but we’ve eradicated all credit card debt and drastically slashed our license fee debt, [...]