Medical Debt Collection Update

Back in January I wrote about how I'd accepted a settlement offer to pay off an old medical bill for less than what we really owed (we paid $3,647 and they forgave the remaining balance of the $5,610 debt). So for the past 3 months we've been making huge ($1215/month) payments. The last payment was April 17th. I did a little happy dance, and celebrated with hubs about how the last of his medic [...]

Happy Easter!

For those who celebrate, I hope you had a great Easter yesterday! It was the first year that the girls really got it on their own. In the past, we've held hands and more-or-less led them to eggs, coaxing them to pick them up and place in their baskets, etc. Not this year. We went to our neighborhood's egg hunt and as soon as they gave the command, the girls RAN to get eggs. It brought me so much j [...]

Our New Life in Full Affect

The last month has been a blur.  Today is my one month anniversary on my new job.  It is going great, and I am LOVING what I do. The wait was worth it to find the perfect position and the perfect company. I am so grateful. Let me fill you in on what has been happening: Worked 40 hours per week in the office at my new job. Continued to work 25 hours a week for one of my part time jobs. [...]

Car Repair Bill

As if we don't have enough bills to worry about between our normal debts and the new tax debt, I've got another new bill to foot this month as well. Remember when I wrote about my power steering suddenly going out without any advance warning (and in the absence of any collision or other obvious cause) while I was driving home from work? Well, it's been quite the inconvenience over the course [...]

Ashley's March 2017 Debt Update

March was a whirl-wind of a month! I was gone for a couple days in Texas, the girls had an entire week off school, and it felt like we were being pulled in a million different directions by all of our disparate responsibilities. I'm glad to be back in more of a routine this month and am already looking forward to May. For us in academia, it signifies the end of another academic year and the beginn [...]

5 Expert Tips on Managing Your Money After Retirement

You work your entire life and as a reward, you get to retire. But the reality is that your 'work' does not end the moment you receive your gold watch. Instead, you need to keep managing your money to make sure you can enjoy your golden years. While this might sound like a lot of effort, the reality is that it can be quite rewarding. After all, it is your money. As such, here are five expert tips o [...]


Are you superstitious? I'm typically not. But yesterday as I was typing up a post about mending holes in pants and being mid-way through a No-Spend week, I swear I felt a little bit like I was jinxing myself. I ended the post with this one sentence: Fingers crossed there are no disasters and nothing crazy comes up! (knock on wood) I swear I felt a little tingle in my tummy, and the hairs on [...]

Mended Knees: A Lesson from the Kiddos

Yesterday as our kids were getting dressed for preschool, one of my daughters picked out a pair of pants to put on that had a big hole in the knee. My initial thought to myself was, "well, those pants now belong in the trash." I told my daughter the pants-with-the-hole weren't going to work and that she needed to pick out different pants. Her initial reaction (in stark contrast to mine) w [...]

Living Frugally in the Big City

If you live in one of the major cities, there is no doubt that you and your family are affected by the higher cost of living. While wages in a metropolis tend to be higher - the increased cost of living makes those wages feel minimal. If your family is struggling to find extra money in your budget, cutting unnecessary expenses and utilizing money-saving strategies can help you make ends meet just [...]

4 Rental Laws Every Seattle Landlord Should Know

No matter what part of the country you're looking to live in, rental laws can often be confusing. For landlords especially, it's crucial to understand how the landlord-tenant laws operate in your area, in order to protect yourself from any unwanted conflicts. One place which has an array of quirky rental laws is the city of Seattle. With the most recent census data from Seattle finding that nearly [...]


With so many disparate goals for this year, some that focus on debt-reduction and others focused more on savings, I felt a bit like we've been playing a game of tug-o-war. We want so many different things and, like a child, we want them all NOW!!! Ugh. Why does adulting have to be so difficult?   Source - Someone, buy this for me! ; ) When we got hit smack in the face with our loo [...]


I thought the kids Medicare might carry over for a few months while I got settled in at the new job and decided on new health insurance, but because we moved states it will only cover emergency room visits. I could apply to move it to GA but with my new job and income, I no longer need too. Yippeee!!! I am keeping it for emergencies while I get everything settled, but now I have to figure out w [...]

Today is the Day

In just a few short hours I report for my first day of my new job. It will also be the time I get a better grip on what this will mean for us financially as I see the health plans, 401K options and so on.  Pray for wisdom as I make those kind of decisions. I'm grateful for Ashley's recent post on her Tax Issues, not that she has the issue, but it raised a flag for me as I go to fill out the ta [...]

Insuring Cars Today vs 3000 Years Ago

Originating in Babylonian culture, casualty insurance -- as the name implies began as a form of risk management used by individuals to assure the safe transfer of property to another upon one's untimely, or unplanned, demise. When the items were given to the benefactors, an extra toll would be paid for the goods to be protected against casualties such as loss, theft or damage. Should the merchant [...]

Spring Break (+ Feb. Debt Update)

Hi All! Last year, my first year back to full-time work, my Spring Break happened to align with my kids' Spring Break. I remember at the time colleagues mentioning how lucky that was and to appreciate it. So it was no real surprise when this year rolled around and, looking at our academic calendars, I realized our Spring Breaks did not align. Bugger! But, I think we're also making the best [...]

How Midlife Affects Your Insurance Needs...Are You Covered?

You've no doubt heard of a midlife crisis: the time in life where you realize that you aren't going to live forever. As a chance to take stock of the plans you had in your youth and square them up with where you stand now, midlife can be a time of great strife for some people who haven't achieved their goals. The good news is that by definition "midlife" means that you are only halfway through. [...]

Financial Survival Prep Guide for Students on a Shoestring Budget

Whether you are a student feeling the pinch of debt and itching to get a little bit to spend at the bar, or you're trying to make ends meet and study too, stretching scholarship money, online credit rates or juggling part-time jobs, it's prudent to have a financial map in place so you can navigate life more easily. Since Jill Stein didn't win the election and there is no other way student debts [...]

Creating a Post-College Financial Plan to Stay Out of Debt

Millennials are finding themselves in unfamiliar territories after completing their college studies and starting the real life of looking for a job, paying bills and definitely paying off huge amounts of debts. The situation can get depressing if you are coming from a situation whereby all your bills were taken care of; and then suddenly you are in this environment where you have monthly student l [...]

New Job and a New Outlook

I am slowing shedding the feeling of shame I've been carrying for the last couple of years since we moved out of our home and into the apartment.  For the first time in a LONG time, things are really looking up!  It has been a really rough time, especially since December when everything changed so suddenly. As I mentioned in the comments of my last post...I GOT THE JOB!!! It's full time, f [...]

Well Crap

It's been a long time since we've had a major financial set-back. A really long time. In fact, everything has been going rather smooth over the course of the past year or so. Income is up, outflow is down, we just hit the half-way point in our debt reduction journey. Life is good! time. We met with a CPA on Friday. Turns out we didn't have all our sh-t together so we have to [...]