Microsoft Enlists K5 Robot Security Guards in Sign of the Future

It seems science fiction has actually met reality with robots being latest additions to the security force at Microsoft's silicon valley campus. Microsoft has enlisted the robots, known as K5s, to help ensure safety on campus. There's no artificial intelligence here, and the robots aren't armed with weapons. Which begs the question, how do they protect or deter crime? The robots are equ [...]

Nestle Says It Wants to Create Liquid Exercise in a Bottle

Raise your hand if you want all the benefits of exercise without actually having to exercise. Well, it won't work exactly like that, but Nestle says it's close to a break through that can somewhat grant this wish. Now don't start celebrating just yet. Nestle asserts they are looking for ways to assist in maintaining an active lifestyle and to help those that have difficulty doing so for health [...]

For the Best Black Friday Deals Where to Shop Depends on What You're Buying

With over 65% of Americans ready to spend their hard earned cash on Black Friday this year, is it really worth all the crazy for the deals? Well, that depends on where you shop. Wallethub may have answered this question for you. In a recent study of over 5,000 deals for 22 major retailers, the company has published its findings on where to start and where you may need to stay away. So b [...]

The Way We Grow Crops May Be a Major Cause of Global Warming

While the science is clear that climate change is real and humans are part of the cause, how exactly are we causing it? Most of the focus has been on the amount of fossil fuels we burn, but a new study suggests that there may be another culprit contributing to the problem: crops. With an increase of over 240% in crop production for the Northern hemisphere, and new methods to increase ho [...]

A Gluten Free Diet Isn't Necessarily a Healthy Diet

If you don't need to be on a gluten free diet, are there health benefits to a gluten free diet? Researchers assert that only seven percent of the population need to be on a gluten free diet for some health reason relating to Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, and many people who believe they are gluten intolerant simply aren't. But there is a growing number of Americans who believe there ar [...]

List of Where to Find the Best Black Friday Deals 2014

It's that time of the year again when retailers are trying to entice you into their stores to spend all of your hard earned money. Commercials and advertising inserts are telling you what great bargains abound if you just visit their store this Black Friday, but what stores are really offering the best discounts? There are plenty of reason to skip the Black Friday sales, but if you have dec [...]

CDC Says Heavy Drinking Doesn't Make You an Alcoholic in Most Cases

If you thought that guy who slams back 3 beers plus a couple shots of tequila in a half an hour was an alcoholic, 9 out of 10 times you'd be wrong. A new study released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in partnership with both the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and Boston University Medical Center studied data pertaining to nearly 140,00 [...]

Is the Post Office Open or Closed Thanksgiving Day and Weekend 2014

It used to be easy to tell what was open and what was closed on Thanksgiving Day because virtually everything was closed. That all started to change a few years ago when retail outlets began opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day to get a jump on Black Friday deal season. This year Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 27, 2014, which is during the week and on a day the United States Postal Servi [...]

Will Using Credit Karma Hurt Your Credit Score?

One of the questions people often have when using free credit score sites like Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and Quizzle is whether using them will ultimately hurt their credit scores. This question usually arises because they hear somewhere that checking your credit score too many times can lower your credit score. While this is true, it fails to take into account the difference between a "hard inq [...]

Russian Hacker Site Leaks Footage from 70000 Webcams Around the World

There is a strong warning from both US and UK governments for people to shut off their webcams. For the last few weeks, the Russian hacking site, Insecam, has hacked more than 70,000 webcams in living rooms, bedrooms, exterior settings, and businesses. The hackers then published footage to the site. Insecam has either been dismantled or voluntarily gone off line for the time being, yet a cached ve [...]

Google Contributor Blocks Ads on Sites You're Willing to Financially Support

Google has launched a beta test to see how many internet users would be willing to pay $1 to $3 per month to block ads on each of their favorite websites. The test is for a new Google program called Contributor that is currently working with 10 popular websites. The sites working with Google on the beta test include Mashable, The Onion, Science Daily, Urban Dictionary and WikiHow. The Contributor [...]

Thanksgiving on a Budget

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving since having kiddos. My Dad is coming to town so it will be a small group: 3 adults and 2 kids. Even though there won’t be a lot of us, I still want to have a “traditional” Thanksgiving with all the regular fix’ ins. The problem, of course, is that this can get pretty pricey in a hurry! Yes, turkey is on sale (I snagged [...]

List of Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day 2014

Thanksgiving Day isn't all about turkey, family and football. It used to be primarily about these with thoughts of holiday shopping to get great Black Friday deals reserved until the stroke of midnight on Friday, but that's no longer the case. In fact, many retail stores have come to the conclusion that Thanksgiving Day should also be a day consumers spend a lot of their hard-earned money. [...]

Barbie Computer Engineer Doesn't Know Much about Programming or Computers

Barbie has done it all - from aerobics instructor, to veterinarian, to astronaut, to police officer. So, in this burgeoning start-up culture, it only made sense for Barbie to try her hand at, you guessed it, computer engineering. Mattel recently released a new Barbie book entitled "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer." Judging from the title and cover, the book would seem like it might be [...]

JetBlue Adds Fees for Checked Bags, Take Away Legroom and Stops Free Wi-Fi

JetBlue has taunted Southwest Airlines in years past over the way they let customers pick their own seats, referring to them as "cattle calls." However, now Southwest is the one taunting JetBlue over luggage fees. Southwest still allows all passengers to check up to two bags free of charge. In the past JetBlue also allowed this, but it has announced a new fee for checked baggage will be assessed t [...]

Vape Announced as Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year 2014

Vape. It's the winning word of Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year distinction for 2014. The word vape may sound a bit odd, but it has picked up in usage in a significant way. The word is a verb and describes the act of inhaling or exhaling the vapor of an electronic cigarette. Vape can also be used as a noun -- the slang name for an electronic cigarette or other similar device. The word, coincid [...]

15 Eco-Friendly Remodeling Ideas Every Homeowner Should Consider

By Paul Kazlov If you're looking to make some improvements to your home, it's very important to consider how these upgrades can help your space be more eco-friendly and more energy-efficient. Not only does using sustainable or recycled materials, or even swapping out old appliances for more efficient ones, help the world around you, they'll also save you big money on your bills. Plus, many [...]

List of 50 Stores Not Open on Thanksgiving Day 2014

There was a time when Thanksgiving Day meant major retail outlets were closed for the day. That's no longer the case. Even though it only started three years ago with a few retailers making the decision to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day to get an early jump on the holiday shopping season, it's now becoming the norm. Since then, more and more retailers have decided it's in their financial int [...]

Life Happenings...

Hi guys! Probably didn't expect to hear from me this evening, hmm?? Truth is life has been scattered lately! Instead of having posts pre-planned and waiting to go up at "X" time, I've just been writing and pressing "publish" whenever I can. Writing as life happens, that is. At any rate, we're back in our house. It's still a bit of a cluster. They had to re-carpet two rooms and although th [...]

Is Intel's MICA Smart Bracelet Worth the $495 Price

What do you get the tech-lover who has everything? Perhaps the new Intel MICA will fit the bill. MICA stands for My Intelligent Communication Accessory. MICA is a wearable piece of technology that allows its wearer to access the internet, independent of a smart phone, and it's currently planned to be available only in the United States. MICA will be debuting at Barney's in December, just in time f [...]