The US Postal Service May Be Delivering Your Groceries in the Near Future

Your local postal worker may be delivering more than just mail in the not too distant future. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been given approval to test daily grocery delivery to people's homes in addition to their typical mail delivery duties. To test the concept, and to see if this could be a money generating service for the post office, the Postal Regulatory Commission recen [...]

The Year of Becoming an Adult

Hubs and I have been talking a lot about different life things lately. This year has been a big turning point for our family. We’ve really committed to the decision to get rid of our debt and we’ve made huge improvements in this area (yes, we still have an enormous amount of student loan/medical debt, but we’ve eradicated all credit card debt and drastically slashed our license fee debt, [...]

Uber Wants Your Flu Shots to Be Directly Delivered to You with UberHealth

When it comes to medical care, especially for basics like a yearly flu shot, there is no longer a need to make a visit to your doctor. Many drug stores and grocery stores now offer flu shots on their premises, making it a lot easier to get one when you happen to be in the area. While these are convenient, they still require you to go to the establishment to get one, and it's important to get one. [...]

Halloween Costumes for Cheap/Free

This is NOT a “how to” because I am probably one of the least crafty people in the world so I am unlikely to do a pinterest-worthy make-your-own tutorial. Instead, I just wanted to give my experience and share how I’m handling the Halloween costume issue this year. I’ve been thinking a lot about Halloween this year. And by “thinking” I mean dreading. Don’t get me wrong. I love [...]

Middle Class Adults Only Have $20,000 Saved for Retirement

Americans continue to fall far short of what they need to be saving for retirement. According to a new survey commissioned by Wells Fargo through Harris Poll, The median amount of money saved for retirement by middle class people is only $20,000. This falls over ten times short of the $250,000 they believe they'll need during their retirement years. The reasons for such a huge shortfall bet [...]

Henry Ford Museum Buys Apple 1 Computer for $905000

Maybe you should have held onto your first computer, because if it happened to be an Apple-1, it could be worth nearly $1 million today. One of the earliest Apple computers ever made has just been sold for a record-breaking $905,000, the highest price ever paid for any Apple-1 computer. The computer sold at auction is still in working condition. This particular Apple-1 computer is believed [...]

Government Wastebook 2014 Includes Rabbit Massages and Alpaca Poop Paks

In years past, tax payers have heard and complained about government waste such as teaching Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly while on the job, that came with a $2.6 million price tag for tax payers. It seems our griping has not been heard as there continues to be quite a few questionable ways the government spends our money. Retiring Senator Tom Coburn released what is his final govern [...]

Something to look forward to...

We've had a rough couple of weeks including the car wreck from last week.  Our budget has been tighter then normal with having to purchase replacement food and spend more to get the house on the market than anticipated.  In fact, I've still got a couple of bills to pay from that.  We are certainly not suffering, but additional stress has wreaked habit on my normally silver lining filled persona [...]

How Warren Buffett Lost $2 Billion in Two Days on Two Stocks

Business magnate Warren Buffett has built a reputation for making solid financial investments, with many investors and experts alike watching his example and following his tips in order to form their own successful financial future. Despite his own highly successful investment track record, even what some may call an investment genius can get hit with major losses and make investing mistakes. [...]

Largest Gold Nugget Found in Recent California History Worth $350,000

The largest chunk of gold found in the last few decades has been allegedly discovered in Butte, California. The 6.07-pound nugget is being sold by coin dealer, Don Kagin, and it'll have its debut showing on Thursday at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show at Fort Mason, California. Kagin and his staff are assessing the "Butte Nugget" to be worth between $350,000 and $400,000. Kagin is also the dea [...]

Can a $1000 a Pill Hepatitis C Drug Really Save Prisons Money?

With over 3 million cases of Hepatitis C in the US alone, it comes as no surprise pharmaceutical companies put great resources into testing new medications to help fight the disease. Gilead Sciences of Foster City received approval for a new Hepatitis C medicine Harvoni from the FDA, but while all are happy to have a new option to fight hepatitis C, not all are happy with the cost. The price tag f [...]

McDonald's Monopoly Boardwalk Rare Piece Scam

As the popularity of McDonald's Monopoly grows each year, the more people find ways to try to take advantage of people's greed or their desperate financial situations. For those who decide to play McDonald's Monopoly in 2014, it's important to know and avoid the scams which have developed around the game. While many of these have been around as long as the game has been played, they continue to be [...]

Ebola Not a Top Five Concern for Americans While Ebola Scams Proliferate

While Ebola is on the radar of Americans, it's not a top five concern for most. During the week of October 12th, the Gallup polling organization determined that Ebola was one of Americans' top 10 concerns, yet trailed behind 5 other issues including the economy, dissatisfaction with government, jobs, healthcare, and immigration. Shortly after the poling results were announced, 51 people were taken [...]

More Hiring and Jobs Filled but Few Pay Raises in Sight for the Workforce

Despite three straight pay raise increasing quarters, the third quarter of 2014 showed a 43 percent decline in the number of raises from the second quarter, according to a National Association for Business Economics survey. In fact, fewer than one-quarter of businesses increased wages or salaries during the third quarter. This dismal news has lead some to believe more "weak wages" are coming in th [...]

Scientist Captures and Studies a Spider the Size of a Puppy

If you have any type of fear of spiders, you're going to want to skip this article. Harvard entomologist Piotr Naskrecki was taking a late night walk through the rainforest in Georgetown, Guyana, searching for Katydids, when he thought he heard the movements of a raccoon or rodent. However, to his surprise when he pointed his headlamp down he saw a giant, puppy-sized spider. Known as the So [...]

Don't Jinx Me, But.....

Remember when I shared my last interview with you all? It had gone so well and I was SO SURE I would get offered the position! Well, not only was I not offered a position, I never even heard back from them. (imagine in Full House's Stephanie Tanner voice:  How Rude!) I emailed them a week after the interview to ask if a hiring decision had been made and was told they expected a decision by the [...]

Drones Could Revolutionize the Study of Killer Whales and Other Marine Mammals

What could revolutionize ocean wild life conservation and study? A simple drone with a camera. That's exactly what NOAA Fisheries and the the Vancouver Aquarium did. Using a custom-built hexacopter specially equipped with a high resolution camera, the scientists found a non-invasive way to study local ocean populations. More specifically, they were studying the Northern Resident Killer Whale popul [...]

Tesla vs Car Dealerships: Why Michigan Might Not Allow Tesla to Sell Cars

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is sitting on a bill that would require all auto manufacturers to sell their products (cars) through franchised car dealerships. This is a battle being fought all over the country, and it all starts with an electric car from Tesla Motors. Car dealer associations across the country are up in arms about Tesla's sales model, which cuts out the franchise car dealer [...]

NASA and Tree Rings Confirm 1934 Drought Worst in Last 1000 Years

As the state of California deals with its ongoing drought issues, predicted to continue well into 2015, NASA released a new study stating that the droughts we are experiencing are comparatively mild. That's not to say that things aren't bad, because they are. It's simply saying that things can get a whole lot worse. That's because what they're comparing the current drought to is the dust bowl of 1 [...]

Archaeologists Unearth California Sphinx from Ten Commandments Film

In the California Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, archaeologists are trying hard to ensure the preservation of the desiccated remains of a sphinx. Built nearly 100 years ago out of plaster, the sphinx was part of the set exclusively built for The Ten Commandments, a hit silent film in 1923. Colossal in size, the sphinx, Live Science reported, was roughly 15 feet in height. All in all, there were 21 [...]