Mid-Life Career Changes

I come to you today with a bit of an announcement.....though nothing has actually changed yet, so it's more of an announcement of things to come (not of things that have already transpired). I'm sure it's pretty evident that I've been overwhelmed with work lately. I haven't been able to blog nearly as frequently as I'd like; I've sometimes written reactionary/overwhelmed posts (like this one); [...]

How Your Debt Affects Your Credit Score

One of the most influential factors of your credit score is your debt. In fact, debt makes up 30% of your credit score. Carrying too much debt can lower your credit score. However, not having enough debt can also cause your score to take a hit! Confused? You should be. Let's start with the basics. What is credit utilization? Credit utilization is used to calculate your credit score. T [...]

Different Ways to Deal with Unexpected Emergencies & Bills

The downturn of the worldwide economy has caused most of us to watch our spending. While you may be doing well to track your budget, unexpected bills and emergencies can quickly result in financial worries. According to a study published last year, more than 60% percent Americans don't set aside enough rainy day funds to handle minor emergencies. Just 38% of them said they're in a position to m [...]

10 Money-Saving Tips Every College Student Needs To Know

Earning money is a difficult task especially if you are a student. While studying in college or university, most students do not have time and possibility to have a full-time job as studying takes all of their time. Thank God for the parents who support them and give money. Let's be honest and remember times when we were students - we ran out of money sooner that we thought we would. With time mos [...]

Change of Plans

Sooooo, THIS happened over the weekend.   If you ask the girls the story of what happened, here's what you will hear: Bailey:  Brooke pushed me off the giraffe!!! Me: The giraffe????  Do you mean she pushed you off the bed??? Brooke: NO! I pushed her off the giraffe!!!!   We do have a stuffed giraffe chair animal thing (if you're curious for reference, it's si [...]

5 States with Affordable Homeowners Insurance

It's common to find people relocating from one part of the country to the other these days. Many people do it as they change jobs or as a result of personal or family needs. If you're planning to relocate, there are various factors you ought to consider first before deciding on your new place of residence. Top on the list of factors that many people consider when moving is real estate value. Wh [...]

Buying & Selling Houses

For someone who has had zero experience with real estate in the past, I'm sure getting pretty familiar with the buying and selling of homes now! We have officially hired a realtor to sell my Dad's Texas house (I orchestrated the sale of his Utah house over summer; it closed in mid-August). It needs some make-ready stuff so it's not on the market yet, but should be within 2 weeks' time. All the [...]

Spreading Risks & Getting Out Of Debt

Debts are brutal. They can crush all your finance plans and make your life headed in the wrong direction. Many people do try all they can to avoid the bad omen that accompanies massive debts but only very few do have some success. Reasons for this are numerous and most probably, bad debts can be linked to the poor financial judgments we inflict on ourselves. Staying debt free is an ultimate dream [...]

Money Down The Drain

First, thanks for the responses, comments, and helpful feedback on my last post. Edited update: I did type up a full proposal and email but, after thinking better of it, I never sent it. Instead, I sent an email asking for a brief meeting sometime in the next couple weeks and already received a reply that we'll meet on the 20th. Further out than I'd like, but better than nothing. Then we can d [...]

Four Full-Time Businesses You Can Start on a Part-Time Budget

When I talk to people about their ideas on starting a business it generally boils down to the fact that they don't have one of two things: Time Money Well, yeah, don't we all have those same thoughts? People do make it work, though, because it greatly depends on the type of business you'd like to start, how well you are with time management and understanding that you don't need to inve [...]

Can't Do It All

We can't do it all. Everyone knows that. But sometimes we still try. Maybe try to convince ourselves that we're exempt from the cold hard truth. Guys. I don't know if I can keep my part-time job much longer. My goal was to keep it for another full academic year (being done at the end of next summer), but I am really struggling. I'm barely keeping afloat of my responsibilities and the whole hous [...]

How to Write an Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Accounting and finance are the most popular faculties nowadays. Young people want to connect their future with business and finance; therefore, more and more students apply for the educational institutions to study these disciplines. A personal statement (also known as application essay) is one of the most notable documents required for the successful application. Students have to demonstrate t [...]

Ashley's August 2016 Debt Update

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a relaxing, laid back Labor Day holiday! We're still in Texas (we drive back to Tucson tomorrow), so I'm just peeking in with a real quick Debt Update from the month of August. Here it is: [table id=85 /] This was a relatively small debt payment (particularly in comparison to last month's monstrous debt payment), but I'd expected that given that Au [...]

Enjoying Your Golden Years: Ways to Avoid the Top Retirement Home Buying Mistakes

Choosing a place in retirement to call home is not a search to take lightly. Not only is it possible to end up in a place that is a poor fit for your lifestyle and personality, you can easily spend too much, go with the wrong financing alternative, or neglect to plan for the long term. Whether you hope to live in a retirement home or in a house that you buy, it's important to head in with a plan, [...]

Increasing Minimum Payments

My student loans are on income-based repayment (just entering my 3rd year; the final year where my subsidized loans are still eligible for interest forgiveness). One of the stipulations of IBR is that I have to re-apply every year. The re-application deadline for me falls in August. Its probably not surprising that, due to my increased income, my minimum payments are going up. At first when [...]

Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Logged into my email today to see this little guy smiling back at me: Sure doesn't get old to see these "loan payoff" emails! I'm now officially down to 7 Navient loans (out of what 12). To be fair, I'd paid off this loan prior to last month's debt update, but it took until the next billing cycle (now) for them to acknowledge that the loan was, indeed, paid in full. Anywho.....pretty exciting [...]

Someone thinks I'm Smart

I think one of my most controversial ongoing decisions on this blog is my commitment to homeschooling.  Now I will admit this summer has been a doozy for me emotionally, and the thought of just sending all the kids off on buses for 8 or so hours a day has been appealing at times.  Of course, then I think about all the calls from teachers I would get because of certain behaviors or disorganizatio [...]

$800 Doctor Bill

Have you ever opened the mail and found an unanticipated bill that just made the blood drain out of your face and you feel sick to your stomach? I have. Lord knows, I have. It's what happens when you know you don't have the money to pay it. You weren't expecting it or didn't anticipate the large amount and, knowing that you owe it, you feel scared/sick/sad/panicked. I've been there. Sho [...]

Lessons from Therapy: Day #1

I just had my first therapy session this week and I'm happy to say that it went better than I'd expected! I was nervous about whether we would "click" and be a good fit, but we really gelled in terms of personalities and it felt like I was chatting with a friend (albeit a friend I'm paying to listen to me. heh). I'm only one session deep at this point so, obviously, this person doesn't know all [...]

Holy Crap - ANOTHER Raise!?!?!

Guys. I can't even. Pinch me, because I don't even believe it. I got another raise!!!! Well.....kinda. You know how I work 2 jobs (a full-time one + a part-time one)? Well, I just got my contract in from my part-time job and something that has literally NEVER happened before occurred. Without even being notified/informed/asked, one of my classes was large enough that apparently they opene [...]