It's So Quiet

The music has stopped. And I'm so sad about that.  If you will remember last spring I wrote about how important I felt my kids music lessons were. I still agree with that post wholeheartedly; however, with the reality of moving to a much smaller space and with the eye on the prize of getting out of debt, some things had to give and go.  So with our garage sale the full size drum set was sold and [...]

Misfit Flash Is a $50 Wearable Fitness Band That Links to Your Phone

Wearable technology expert, Misfit has come out with a new fitness band to attract newcomers to the world of wearable tech. The Flash fitness band is only $50. It has a long battery life and a series of biometric tracking features that you'd only normally see in a more expensive model. The fitness band looks like a watch, but it can be worn in a variety of ways to track the amount of calories [...]

Moving Update - One Week Away

Exactly one week from today we will be moving into our new space...cutting down from 1800 sq ft to 900 sq ft.  I am SO PROUD of how well my kids have gotten on board with this move and the minimizing and purging we have been doing over the last six weeks since this move became a reality.  So here's where we are at today, one week from move day. Little Gymnast and Princess rooms are completel [...]

Barter Win - Homeschool Tuition

Sorry, I was MIA last week.  I woke up last Wednesday just simply overwhelmed at the amount of work I/we still had to get done and facing working both jobs plus approximately 3 hours in the car with kid chauffeuring duties.  I made an executive decision and called in to my part time job and then got all the kids up super early and got down to business.  That day turned the corner for me in term [...]

Gilead Sciences Strikes Deal to Discount Hepatitis C Drug in Developing Countries

Some welcome news came yesterday for sufferers of Hepatitis C that live in developing countries. Hep C is a liver disease that can cause cirrhosis and death. It has been proven tricky to cure, with pharmaceutical companies investing decades of work without success. However, the last five years have been fruitful and Gilead Sciences was the first to market the drug Sovaldi, which has a high succes [...]

Apple's HealthKit to Begin Medical Trials at Duke and Stanford Universities

Apple's new HealthKit, packaged in with their new iPhone 6 and iOS 8 releases has some rather ambitious goals. Currently focused on fitness, Apple believes that HealthKit's full potential can be realized to help long-term health treatment for people. Since Apple had announced HealthKit, they have made it abundantly clear the goal of the service is to assist doctors in caring for their patie [...]

Money Saving Tricks, Part 5

It’s been awhile since I added a trick to my money saving series (see previous money saving posts here: Part 1, 2, 3, & 4). Today I’ve got a new one to share with you guys….homemade organic weed killer! It’s monsoon season in Arizona, which means weeds are springing up all over the place! Our weed situation has gotten a bit out of control and I know the HOA doesn’t take kindl [...]

Rare $25 Million Blue Moon Diamond on Display at LA Museum

For those who love diamonds, especially rare and beautiful ones, you may want to head to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles when you get a chance. The museum is welcoming a sparkly new attraction to to their gem collection. A rare, blue flawless 12-carat diamond called the Blue Moon Diamond will be in residence at the museum until January 6, 2015, allowing school teachers and their classes, [...]

Necessary Expenses

Our month of lower income has unfortunately coincided with lots of extra necessary expenses. Sigh. First, I had to pay for my annual life insurance premium. Remember, the full amount was $207. I was able to use some money from my "annual expenses" savings account, but I still had to spend $94 from my "other" budget (out of a total $150 budgeted for monthly "other" expenses). Note - my husban [...]

Apple Hits Road Bumps in iPhone 6 Plus Production

Apple tends to run into trouble with just about every launch, and the highly anticipated release of the iPhone 6 Plus may have already hit its first bump. In what has been claimed as a record number of orders, the demand has stressed the supply. In the United States, Apple's new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, have been available for preorder online since late last week. The 5.5-inch iPho [...]

Heineken Stands Firm Rejects Purchase Offer from SABMiller

Approached by the competition, Heineken refused a proposal by SABMiller to purchase the company. The offer stated that Heineken would continue to operate independently of SABMiller, but Heineken rejected the offer, stating the proposal was "non-actionable." In a move speculators have been discussing, the brewers released a statement on Sunday in response to the topic, "The Heineken fam [...]

Abbott Dissolving Stent Has Lower Angina Rate than Metal Stents

According to recent data, the Abbot Absorb dissolving heart stent proved as safe and effective one year after being placed in a diseased artery as the company's market-leading Xience drug coated metal stent, and with a significantly lower rate of chest pain. Abbott said it believes many doctors were waiting for results from a randomized trial, before ensuring confidence in the device, which had be [...]

Some Big Names to Attend Climate Change Summit in September

A list was recently published by the United Nations (UN), and it reveals the names of those representing the 125 countries who are expected to attend the Climate Summit in New York, hosted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The summit will take place on Tuesday, September 23rd. Those who have confirmed their presence vary from heads of state down to envoys. Some of the higher-ups expected [...]

Will Men Be Willing to Use Injection Vaselgel Birth Control?

For years, women have born the brunt of the responsibility for birth control. However, this seemingly unfair but unavoidable fact of life may not be the status quo for much longer. There's been talk for some time that a male birth control pill is coming, and it now appears an injection male birth control called Vaselgel is only a few years away. Yes, the male pill is still in development, but by 2 [...]

Sunny Weather Could be Connected to Suicide Rates

After working through a study incorporating the analysis of the correlation between suicide rates and sunshine spanning 40 years, Austrian researchers found two distinct correlations. If the sunshine spanned over two weeks, the number of suicide rates dropped, but if it was any shorter it increased. These findings were reported on September 10 in JAMA Psychiatry, but the findings aren't to be take [...]

Many North American Birds in Danger Due to Climate Change

Finches, a once renowned bird species that would appear in massive formations at the Sandia Crest, close to Albuequerque, have started dwindling in numbers. The finches have a multicolored plumage with feathers ranging all the way from black to rose-color. As the warm climate change brings both tundras and more persistent droughts, the finches are one of 50 species of birds in New Mexico that will [...]

Twitch Malware Scam Could Cost You Some Real-Life Steam Loot

Reports of a new malware threat has been circulating for the past few days on the popular website known as Twitch - a venue for gamers to stream their content to millions of watchers. Along with these streams there is a chat element where users can interact with the person playing the game as well as other people watching the stream. These channels sometimes get attacked by spammers and hackers tr [...]

For Nearly 30%, Alzheimer's and Dementia Is the Price of Making the NFL

In a staggering admission by the National Football League (NFL), it was revealed that 28% of retired players would develop early-onset Alzheimer's disease. This statement comes on the heels of years of suits and accusations from former players saying the NFL was not providing adequate health assistance for work-related injuries. For years, the NFL refuted these claims and refused to take responsib [...]

Google Tries to Revive Google+ with Purchase of Polar

In what Google hopes to to be a move that will popularize their own social network, Google+, they've decided to bring over the team from Polar and see if they can turn it into something cool. Though it isn't completely known yet how this new acquisition is going to fit into Google's Google+ experience, David Besbris, vice president of Engineering at Google, has said that their primary motivation i [...]

Sharks and Manta Rays Get New Protection

In what has been seen as the most significant move in the last 40 year history of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) to protect sharks and manta rays from extinction, all trade in five species named are to be regulated. This step forward will require a permit confirming the origin of the sharks are of legal standards, or the sale of their fins and meat shall be ban [...]