Navient Issues

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support on my posts this past Monday (first post about paying off 2 additional debts and the second post about doing a balance transfer to pay off a high interest student loan). I was expecting a bit of backlash but overwhelmingly received lots of virtual high fives and words of support. Thank you!!! So I just have to tell you what I’ve been dealin [...]

New Clothes : My Uniform

I stumbled upon this article this week regarding a woman who has created and wears a uniform to her office job every day.  I could totally relate.  For years now, I have worn the same style outfit on a daily basis with the exception of church and client meetings.  Ok, sometimes even to church because I don't think God cares what I wear but on occasion I worry about other people's thoughts. B [...]

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I may have another new job!

Are you feeling like it's ground hog day since my post this morning was almost identical in title?  I would like to say that I've been busy marketing myself and applying for work, but really the opposite is true.  I've been really busy working hard for my existing customer and bolstering those relationships.  And as a result...I got another local referral for a small business website. I met [...]

Common Ways Errors Get on Your Credit Report

The following article was created in conjunction with Credit Sesame through Kasai Media. We expect certain information to be infallible; however, such an expectation could prove financially fatal especially as it pertains to the veracity of credit reports. According to the Federal Reserve, a credit report is a record of an individual's credit history that includes his or her identity (e.g. [...]

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I got a new job!

Ok, no, I'm not switching careers and I'm not losing any of my current work. But I thought it was really cool how the part time job I had this past summer has come back again.  As you will recall from April through October of last year, I worked part time, outside the home at a local office doing general admin work.  I eventually resigned as it was just too much with everything else. Well, ne [...]

Weekly Debt Update #11- Unexpected Expenses and Overreactions

Hey Everybody! So this past Sunday, as I was getting ready to go to the gym, I was searching for a water bottle in our attic (which is finished) I noticed something I've never noticed before- water damage. Ugh! Just on the eve of GF's and my get-away, I had to find this. What I noticed was bubbling and stained paint on the ceiling and sure enough, when I touched it the drywall was moist (n [...]

What's the Average Cost of Braces

For those still single, a 2013 survey of 5,500 unattached adults ages 21 and older found nearly 60 percent of men cared most about "good teeth in a potential date," whereas 71 percent of women ranked "teeth" as essential to them. The study conducted by seems to support a 2012 study conducted by Kelton for Invisalign in which Americans named teeth as a "standout feature when it comes to w [...]

A new twist

This morning I shared the exciting news that I've finally paid off two more of our debts! YAY!!!! I'm sure many of you wonder(ed) what this means in terms of our order of debt attack. Which debt will we target next? Financial folks have made a strong case for turning our attention to the student loan debt (due to the super high interest rate). I've maintained my opinion that the car loan deb [...]

Poof - Be Gone!

Wow, it has been a loooooong time since I’ve paid off a balance in full! When I first started blogging I was knocking debts out left and right (and, to be fair, some of them were pretty small debts). But for the past several months I’ve just been chip-chip-chipping away at some of the bigger debts. I’m so glad that I can finally report that I’ve knocked another couple of debts off my de [...]

Two Health Labs Settle False Claims Act Dispute for $48.5 million

In a blog post for the popular website, physician Anees Chagpar summarizes the most enduring problem with America's healthcare system, "We [the United States] spend more per capita than any other nation on Earth, and yet the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Commonwealth Fund find the U.S. lagging in terms of access, quality, efficiency, and equity of [...]

Baldness Cure? Patterned Hair Plucking Shown to Regrow Larger Amounts

If humans are anything like mice (which scientists often presume they are), researchers might very well develop a treatment for baldness from the most unlikely of therapies (unlike another remedy that helps only specific people fight baldness). According to research, scientist Chih-Chiang Chen at the University of Southern California and his colleagues, plucked hair follicles are capable of commun [...]

Does the Post Office Stay Open Late on Tax Day April 15, 2015?

For the most part, the post office sticks to a pretty basic schedule. There are a few federal holidays when it closes, and there are also a few instances when some post offices extend their hours. Tax Day, for a few post offices, is one of the days your local post office may extend its hours. The last day to file taxes is Wednesday, April 15, 2015, and in order for your taxes to not be cons [...]

Pacific Ocean Warm Blob May Cause California Drought

At best, this year's weather has been called "odd." During the East Coast winter, it seemed to snow massive amounts each week and when it wasn't snowing, the weather proved bone-chillingly cold. The West Coast has instead been "warm and parched," but so warm and parched that California Governor Jerry Brown imposed mandatory cuts in urban water use for the first time in what has quickly become "the [...]

When Is the Last Day to File Taxes 2015?

It's that time of the year again. As inevitable as death, taxes are due. For those who are waiting until the last minute to file their taxes, they often want to know, "When is the last day to file taxes?" While most people will automatically reply "April 15th," the real answer is a bit more nuanced than this. If you're one of those who does their taxes at the last minute, below you'll find your op [...]

Sabra Dipping Company Recalls Classic Hummus Due to Listeria Find

Listeria has been in the news quite a bit this year. At the beginning of the year, the bacteria was found in carmel apples. In March listeria was found to be a contributing factor in three deaths due to the consumption of tainted Blue Bell ice-cream products. It's once again in the news, but this time for hummus. The bacteria were found in Sabra Classic Hummus brand products during a routi [...]

What's Next to Come

I've had an allergy/sinus-related borderline migraine for the past couple days so bear with me today. This post is a bit stream-of-consciousness.... (side note: I googled whether the expression is "bear with me" or "bare with me" and its definitely "bear." Apparently "bare with me" would literally be an invitation to undress with someone. lol!) Anywho.... Two big things going on right now th [...]

Homeschooling Today

I have gotten a lot of comments about homeschooling on this blog, and I wanted to drop in and show you what our homeschooling looks like today.  This morning Sea Cadet embarked on a field trip to the zoo with a bunch of his buddies and a mom chaperone.  As we were leaving our apartment we noted a shipment of something in HUGE boxes. As I am returning from dropping him off, those same boxes we [...]

Homeschool - Planning for Next Year

I was so grateful that Walnut gave me some writing prompts this past week.  Since we have CHOSEN to live on a really tight budget for the next few months AND we have CHOSEN to save our spending money for a mini vacation next month, there isn't a lot of financial activity going on.  We are saving everything towards the goal of 1) living on last month's income beginning in May and 2) paying off al [...]

Housing Decision

At the end of March I wrote about what turned out to be me jumping the gun AGAIN and applying for a house loan.  In the weeks since that post, there have been lots of tears and self-reflection.  LOTS!  I honestly have no idea what the future holds in that regards...I know where my heart is, but it really has taken doors being slammed in my face to help me face reality regarding housing.  What [...]

Weekly Debt Update #10- Moving Forward

Thank you everybody for your thoughts on my emotional post from last week concerning what I felt I was lacking in my life while paying off debt (read it here). After all the comments and some thought, I've decided that starting in May, I'm revising my budget to reflect a few items: 1) I want to send my sister a small gift every month to help out their young family- I'm thinking a $25 gift card [...]