Planning a Two Week Hiatus

Tomorrow we leave for Texas to visit my family...3 brothers, 1 nephew, parents and several doggy niece and nephews. We will be traveling for a little over two weeks.  While I am not taking any time off work, I do want to take as much pressure off myself as possible so I can enjoy this final 'Hurrah' of the summer. With that being said, I am giving myself permission to take a hiatus the next tw [...]

Looking Back

I had a quick call with my parents today in anticipation of our arrival at their home for our 1 1/2 weeks visit this coming Saturday (we leave tomorrow.) And I mentioned to my dad very briefly how it's taken me nearly 40 years (not quite there yet) to realize just all that he and my mom did for me growing up. I know how blessed I was growing up, I realized that shortly after getting out on my own [...]

What did you accomplish?

I gave myself a financial task list last week to prepare for my impending departure (tomorrow!) Nothing got done. Rather, nothing got completely done. I feel like my gazelle like intensity has come to a grinding halt, and has been there for a while now. And for a few weeks, I couldn't seem to function because of it, just felt too overwhelmed.  Well, I'm happy to report that this is not the cas [...]

Unsatisfied Social Media Users Speak Out But Will Facebook Listen?

Ask the question and most people will have an opinion on social media. The rise of Facebook and other networking platforms has changed the way we communicate forever, so it's no surprise that we're making ourselves vocal on the way they work. Statistics show that in April this year, 1.28 billion people were using Facebook each month. A massive 757 million of these people are daily users, bu [...]

Fruit Shipped to Costco, Sam's, Trader Joe's and BJ's Recalled on Listeria Concerns

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that California-based Wawona Packing Company is voluntarily recalling a number of their branded peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots. The recall is being done due to the possible contamination of the fruit with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes (listeria). This includes fruit sent directly to to Trader Joe's, Costco, Sam's and BJs Wholesale c [...]

Facebook Save Button Bookmarks So You Can Spend Even More Time on the Site

Anyone who uses Facebook knows it's nearly impossible to get through all the information posted in the newsfeed even if checked every hour. There can be as many as 1,500 items in your newsfeed at any one time (supposedly filled with what is of most interest to you, but not always) making it impossible to view them all in most cases. One of the most frustrating aspects of this is when you se [...]

Prices are a'rising

This is nothing new. Happens every year, am I right? You get the letter from (insert name here) and you discover that the prices are rising. I just got this letter from 2 different companies. The first is my water company. They instituted a price-increase that was effective July 1st (thanks for letting me know after-the-fact). Since this is a basic utility and we only have one service provid [...]

Hair Care

For you readers who have been around awhile…. Remember the struggles Emily had with getting her hair done? I think hair care was one of her big weaknesses (as eating out is one of mine). Way back then, I remember commenting on one of her posts about the issue. For the first 3 years that I lived in Arizona (before I had babies), I would always go to the Aveda Institute to get my hair done. I L [...]

Eating Out

I was listening to an old Dave Ramsey radio show podcast this past week and heard an incredible couple who were doing their debt-free scream (side note: this is now a secret dream of mine. I’ve always wanted to go to Nashville. Wouldn’t it be grand to plan a trip to celebrate being totally debt-free!!!! It still feels so far off, but a girl can dream! While there, I would totally stalk sit-in [...]

Happy Monday

Good morning, friends! I hope your Monday isn’t a Moan-day! (har har har) In light of the recent happenings, I debated whether or not I would address or acknowledge what has gone on. I do think I have a unique perspective. Us bloggers did form somewhat of a “bond,” particularly in the early days when things were quite tough (there were some growing pains in the beginning!) So, although [...]

Google to Stop Listing Games with In-App Purchases as "Free"

It began in December last year, when the European Commission issued a statement to market leaders (namely Google and Apple) which requested that they begin transparent labeling practices on games with hidden costs. The commission finally realized that many app store games are labeled as free, despite the fact that there are costs to move up through the levels while playing, or to attain spe [...]

Florida Jury Floors RJ Reynolds with $23.6 Billion Verdict. But Will It Stand?

Smoking can be an expensive proposition, but it looks like the effects of smoking are coming back to cost big tobacco as well. In a verdict that has shocked both big tobacco and legal academics, a Florida jury, in a case brought by widow Cynthia Robinson, has decided to sock tobacco giant RJ Reynolds with $23.6 billion in punitive damages. This is on top of a further $16.9 million awarded to both [...]

The Tesla Model 3: Lighting up the Future of the Electric Car Industry for Only $35,000

Until now electric cars (otherwise known as EV's) have been referred to as the folly of wealthy, suburban, environmentalists who like the idea of being green as much as they like actually helping to save the environment. Vehicles like the Nissan Leaf or the Ford Focus EV have not only been costly to buy,  but they've been impractical to maintain. Owners needed to have chargers in their garages, a [...]

Facebook Testing 'Buy' Button for Small Businesses So You Never Leave Their Site

Great news out of Facebook if you own a small to medium-sized business. The company is in the process of testing a new "Buy" button which allows the business to embed the button to either their page posts or within Facebook ads run on the site. The call-to-action button appears in users' feeds, and it will allow the user to shop and purchase directly from Facebook instead of having to click [...]

Jim Will No Longer Be Blogging Here

This is just a quick note to keep all the regular readers informed. Nate and I had a discussion today and decided it was in the best interest of the blog to ask Jim to leave. He will no longer be blogging here. Despite this being the correct decision under the circumstances, it's not something that we're happy about. It's always our hope that those who begin blogging here will ultimately stick [...]


There are a couple of big financial changes happening over here. I’ve been hinting at these, but I wanted to wait until things were official before sharing with you guys. Let’s start with the first financial change…. I’m starting to pay on my student loans now. This is actually something that was brought to my attention when Liz from Great Lakes posted on my very first debt update ( [...]

Netflix Silently Stops Saturday DVD Deliveries to Customers to Save Money

Although there was never an official announcement from Netflix, the company has stopped shipping DVDs to their customers on Saturdays, according to information on their website. The Netlix page says, "Netflix generally processes shipments Monday through Friday, excluding holidays." According to Engadget, ending Saturday deliveries started to be phased in a year ago, and completely ended in early J [...]

Energy Drinks and Alcohol: a Cocktail Combination with Serious Consequences

A substance use research group at the Australian National University of Canberra has published research this week which shows the practice of mixing alcohol with caffeinated energy drinks can have serious side effects. This, after a study earlier this month indicated no alcohol is better for your heart, than small amounts of alcohol. The study by researchers, Rebecca McKetin and Alice Coen, [...]

Kindle Unlimited: Amazon May Offer an All You Can Read eBook Option

For those who are voracious readers, Amazon may be putting together a new service especially for you. The exact details are a bit vague because the page which indicates there's an all-you-can-read service in the making wasn't supposed to be found. It came to light because Google ended up caching it, and it was shared when spotted on several websites. The page gives the hint of a Netflix type servi [...]

Apple Settles over E-Book Fixing Scandal but Is It Good for Consumers?

Though still maintaining its innocence, Apple has agreed to settle with the Department of Justice (DOJ) on e-book price-fixing cases in 33 different states. On July 9th this year the technology giant and a group of publishers were found guilty of breaking antitrust laws which meant e-book consumers were left paying up to $3 more for their books. Back in April, PC World reported that Apple h [...]