Life on the Farm with Chickens

Life has really slowed down for us.  I am spending 4-6 hours a day working on work or finding work or thinking about work, and then the rest is spent on schooling or sports with the kids.  Everyone is really happy with this move.  But we've also had some excitement... [caption id="attachment_11203" align="aligncenter" width="500"] History Buff with our lone rooster - name Milo after my belov [...]

Hope - Debt Update - April, 2016

Yikes!  Ya'll are right, I have not done a debt update in quite a while.  So I'll make this short and sweet. The last update I found when I looked was this one from  August, 2015 Debt Update which was a couple of months before my whole world/plan blew up with the loss of my largest on-going client. Here are my new debt numbers: [table id=79 /] Just a couple of notes: Student Loans - [...]

I'm On A Boat!

Or....a cruise ship, to be more precise! ; ) I just wanted to pop in briefly to say HI!!!! We're having a blast and loving life right now! I've got a post I've written and scheduled to go live on Monday because I won't be back into town until late Sunday night and All that good stuff. : ) But I'm taking mental notes of all the fun things I want to share! How we've [...]

More Online Savings

Between working 2 jobs, having a family, and basically another part-time job tending to my Dad's matters, "spare time" has been basically non-existent lately. I feel like I'm lucky, too, because I have such a supportive spouse/partner. I seriously don't know how single parents or parents with traveling spouses (or military/deployed spouses) do it! I seriously don't. Props to any and all of you re [...]

The Benefits of Renting Versus Buying

It's a renter's market, with the rate of home ownership having experienced a steady decrease over the past eight years. While some would argue that it's cheaper over time to purchase a home than rely on rent prices to stay low, there are numerous benefits to sticking to the renter's market. If you're weighing the benefits of renting to those of purchasing a home, consider the following facets befo [...]

Profitable Rental Properties

With home prices touching record highs, there are more families renting than owning in many parts of Britain. It's a great time to enter the rental property market. You will never have to look for long to find your next eager tenant. Yet, the path to take from deciding to get into the rental market, to being finally ready to receive your first rent cheque, can be a challenging one. There is a [...]

Hire a Property Manager

By Muriel Black First time buy-to-let owners enter the business in the hopes of an easy, passive income to live off, but then make the mistake of attempting to manage their property on their own. They quickly find out that self-management is anything but passive. Yet, many tend to pull back from outsourcing to a property management company. If you're considering doing your own property managing [...]

2 Years Into Debt-Payoff

Wow, wow, wow. I was just talking about how time has gotten away from me this month. I’ve done it again because here I look up and realize I’ve missed a very important anniversary of sorts. In March, we officially hit the 2-year mark since starting the debt-reduction mission. Can you believe it? I started blogging here in March 2014 with this first introduction post, followed-up by this post w [...]

All about the Money - Tracking

We got all settled this past weekend, and it is glorious!  Everything is unpacked, we have far more space then we'd anticipated and the kids are fully engaged in building a fort up in the trees and tending the animals.  The twins' 15 year old brother (they have additional siblings who were fostered and adopted elsewhere) came to spend our first couple of days with us and they had a blast! [ca [...]

Ashley's 2016 Taxes

Happy Tax Day, friends!   Taxes around here have never been fun. Since hubs is self-employed (and until last summer I was working contracted jobs where taxes weren't withdrawn from paychecks), taxes are always a bit....dicey. To be fair, we DO make estimated quarterly tax payments. We also make strategic donations that will allow us to take advantage of Arizona's tax credit (to cover [...]

Saving Money on Electricity

Remember a couple months ago when we had an outrageous electric bill ($283 to be exact)? It was literally the highest it’s ever been. I was super worried, especially considering the bill was from a pretty temperate month. If it was that high in the Spring….what’s it going to look like in the blistering dessert heat of summer? *gulp* If you remember, I took immediate action to try to lowe [...]

Budget's Busted!

We're nearing the end of the semester at my university and this time of year is notoriously crazy. Fortunately, I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (and the cruise! Can't wait!!!). But the past 4 weeks have been insane. It hasn't helped that I haven't had weekends to catch up on things, either! Last weekend I had a 2-day workshop that I hosted and ran (= TONS of work, not to mention the w [...]

A Different Perspective

I posted several weeks ago about my Glamping Budget expectations, but I have been putting some thought into it think I want to change my perspective.  Before you jump down my throat, hear me out. I wrote the budget anticipating income from two part time jobs, a small amount from child support and adoption assistance for the twins.  But two things, one of my part time jobs has thusfar been unr [...]

Protect Your Financial Wealth

For many of us saving up for retirement, our financial wealth represents a life of relaxation and easy living after decades of hard work. However, you shouldn't be complacent thinking that everything you've saved will just sit idly by waiting until you retire. There is the very real possibility of you losing your hard earned wealth. Use this article as a roadmap to the various precautions you can [...]

A/C is on....

It could only last so long, right? After our outrageous electric bill back in February I turned the A/C totally OFF and it has remained that way ever since. The impact on our bill has been HUGE! Our most recent bill (to be paid this month) is less than one hundred dollars! I think that's the lowest electric bill we've ever received!!! In my last budget update I'd mentioned that I wasn't sure [...]

Ashley's March 2016 Budget Update

Hey guys! Only a week behind with March's budget update. Trust me, one week behind isn't too bad for me right now. heh. Work is a bit in overdrive, but I love it. I'm gearing up, getting ready to be out of town for a solid 8 day cruise and working like a crazy person to try to get everything set just right to run on auto-pilot (fingers crossed) while I'm gone. Here's how the month of March went [...]

T minus 1 week

We move in one week from today.  Everything that is going to storage has gone.  Everything we don't use every day but needs to be with us on our Glamping Adventure is in big plastic bins, labeled and stacked and the last few things that we've listed for sale are on their last few days before I just donate them.  Every one of us has our clothing in those small plastic drawer sets which can be tu [...]

Why I Decided not to Pay My Rent

It didn't start off this way. I had every intention of paying my rent on time for my last month in my apartment. In fact, I even went in a week early and handed them a post-dated check since we would be out of town when it was due. But then I woke up this morning beyond stressed about this month. It's the first month I don't have food stamps since I now make too much money. Ha, that's a joke! And [...]

Make a Wish

Hi all! Happy Monday! Sorry I've been a bit quiet over here lately. Last week was a tough one. The girls missed two days of preschool due to illness (the frequency of illness this Spring has been crazy!), then I got sick, throw in some Dad-related drama and by Sunday night I was just barely keeping it together. I've written a whole post in my head about Easter and now here we are 2 weeks later, [...]

T minus 15 days!

The countdown is on, we will be moving to our "Glamping Adventure" in 15 days.  Our hosts have been AMAZING!  Have you ever just woken up and thought I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, like all the doubt of the challenges has melted away and you just know that where you are is right, for that time.  That's how I'm feeling these days about this next step. All the animals have been re-homed [...]