Question of the Week - Long Term Goals

This is our Sunday series where we all respond to reader questions. If you want to submit a question, please go to this post. Question of the Week Beyond paying debt, what are your long-term goals? posted by TPol Stephannie First, I want to say Happy Easter!!  I am so thankful that I can spend this day with my family, celebrating Jesus and the sacrifice He made for [...]

All Banks Closed Easter, All Banks Open Monday

With Easter upon us, you might have some time to run some of the errands that you have on your list of things to do. If you are planning to do any banking that needs to be done at the institution, you are going to need to wait until Monday to do it. If you are wondering if banks and credit unions are open or closed on Easter Sunday, the answer is that they are all closed (you may also want to know [...]

Jim's Weekly Update 4/19

First I wanted to apologize to everyone for this weeks worth of posts from me.  I am so used to writing those kinds of posts on all of my blogs that it seemed right.  One thing I am not used to is writing about myself personally.  I did tidbits here and there, but nothing on a regular basis.  Hopefully you will accept my apologies and we will go from there. Today is my son's actual birthday [...]

What Stores are Open and Closed on Easter Sunday 2014?

One of the worst things that can happen when you want to go to a store is to arrive to find that the store is closed. This situation often happens when there is a holiday, and the store you plan to visit has closed for the holiday. With Easter Sunday just around the corner (April 20, 2014), many people want to know whether their favorite stores are going to be open or not. Below is a list of what [...]

Free Park Entrance!!

Hi friends!! What are you up to this weekend? Spending time with the family? Celebrating the Easter holiday, or just the nice Spring weekend?? I hope most of you have started to warm up a little and are getting a few peeks of Spring. Here, in Tucson, it already feels more like summer! Either way, I wanted to give you a heads up about a little FREE fun you might be able to have with your fami [...]

10 Ways to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation

What is the first thing you do when you find out you're going to get a raise at work? If your answer is to spend it on things that you have had your eye on, you probably someone who participates in lifestyle inflation. Lifestyle inflation is the process of you increasing the amount of money you spend without giving your overall finances much thought as you get raises and earn more money. It's [...]

Homemade Easter Cards

Does your family celebrate Easter? If so, I've got a fun little craft to share and it's not too late for you to join in the fun with your kiddos! Since we don't live close to any family, it has been very important to me to make conscious efforts to stay connected to our out-of-town relatives. Part of this is including them in our kids' lives in big ways (trips to see each other) and small (s [...]

The Tax Man Taketh

Ugh, taxes.  We have never owed before, but this year Uncle Sam held his hand out for about $2,300. It hurt, ya'll. I can't say that I didn't have an inkling that this would happen.  For the last couple of years we have adjusted our withholding so that we would not get a refund at the end of the year.  I'd rather have that money year round than let the government hold on to it interest free [...]

Chipotle Raising Food Prices: How to Get More for Your Dollar

Your burrito and tacos are going to be a bit more expensive come this summer when you visit your local Chipotle. The restaurant chain announced that it's planning to raise prices for the first time in three years. The new prices will start appearing in stores within the next few weeks, and they'll be in all of their stores by summer. The price hike is estimated to be about a 5% increase, which wou [...]

Lesson Learned

Before I get into this post I want to say thank you.  Ya'll just don't know how much your thoughts, prayers, and stories have helped me. I can't say it enough, thank you all! Ok, onward and upward! When my husband and I were first married we lived in a teeny tiny apartment.  It couldn't hold much furniture but the few pieces we did have were hand me downs from various family members. We li [...]

Legitimate Ways to Make Money and Work at Home

A lot of people would love to work at home if they could only find a legitimate job that would allow them to do so. While there are certainly a lot of scams that it's important to avoid, there are also legitimate was to make money from home. Below are a few examples of legitimate ways to make money and work from home: Love to plan parties? Become a virtual concierge A computer, Inter [...]

The 25 Worst Jobs in the US for 2014

What are the worst jobs in the US for 2014? You might be surprised. Chances are if you think of jobs you would hate to do, you can come up with a list fairly quickly that you would think should make the list. The list of the worst jobs in 2014, provided by Career Cast, probably is missing some you imagined would be on it, while it has others that you can't believe made the list. If you view [...]

Striking Out on Your Own

Several years ago, I wrote an article on my personal blog about Striking Out on Your Own. I was forced to start my own business because of my priority in staying home with my children.  I have absolutely no regrets about that decision. BUT... My natural tendency is not be the #1 when it comes to business, I am much more comfortable as a #2.  I tried explaining this to my twins as they start f [...]

Credit Karma Has No Plans to Offer Free Identity Theft Protection

Credit Sesame made the big announcement that they now offer free identity theft protection to consumers without the need of a credit card. It's big news in the free credit score business, as this instantly differentiates them from their competitors like Credit Karma and Quizzle. I reached out to Credit Karma to see if they were planning to offer a similar service to their customers. They replie [...]

11 Ways to Save Money at Wendy's

No matter where you go out to get a burger, it's good to have some tricks up your sleeve to save a bit of money. This applies from McDonald's to Smashburger. Wendy's is another pretty popular fast food chain and while many of its menu items are under $5, there's always a chance you can save a little bit of money when you visit. Here are a few different ways to save money the next time you visi [...]

The Struggle and then Love Steps In

I am really struggling.  The sacrifices for this debt free journey are tough. I am so thankful that I am a natural optimist or I think I would just quit and go get that pedicure I really want or even get my eyebrows waxed!  Yes, that is my reality.  We are eaten frozen meals and Ramen to fill in the gaps between our healthy, budget conscious meals.  And I am envious of my little ones regular m [...]

Top Ten Most Popular Personal Finance Books of All Time

note:  this list is not my own, they are according to Amazon's best sellers of all time.   Who here can disagree that personal finance is one of the most important skills you can possibly learn?  It’s sad that most people are naturally born with this trait and we know most schools don’t teach this subject. Like everything in life, you can possibly beat the curve ball with someone to g [...]

The Chase Black Card is Palladium

The tale of the Black Card dates back to the 1980's when a rumor began to circulate that American Express offered an exclusive credit card, which happened to be black in color, to wealthy celebrities and the social elite. The buzz was that it had no credit limit, something unheard of at the time. While there is no proof that the American Express Black Card existed at that time, the rumors grew lar [...]

Parents' Attitudes About Finances & Kids

T. Rowe Price Just Released its 6th annual “Parents, Kids & Money Survey.”  For the past three years I have read this survey and I like it because I believe that teaching my kids good money habits is a crucial and important parental responsibility.  And as I look at the results of the survey, I can usually get an understanding of how other parents are handling this situation. Some of [...]

Our Financial Relationship

Our Financial Relationship Chris and I met at the very beginning of my Freshman (his Sophomore) year of college – the end of August 2002. Obviously we had some similarities, lol! We started dating shortly thereafter. By 2005, we were moving into our first (TINY and BARE) apartment together. Remember? This was from our pre-debt days!    From the beginning, I kind of took c [...]